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Give the Gift of Smart Security This Wedding Season

Wedding Gift

Whether you are the one getting married or the person attending a wedding, consider safety when thinking about wedding gifts.

 If you are the couple getting married, your wedding registry is a great opportunity to ask friends and family to invest in your security through new smart technology. If you are the gift giver, consider a gift that will truly keep the newlywed couple secure and comfortable.

While most registries contain many essential items, consider the priceless gift of peace of mind with innovative technologies — giving a new couple the ability to secure their new space from the palm of their hand through integrated apps with remote access. Here are some great options to invest in the newlyweds’ safety and security:

HD Doorbell Camera: One of the most effective security cameras is a doorbell camera. Look for cameras that do not require professional installation but have a wide-angle lens. Many newlyweds are new to their community, have changed addresses, and aren’t familiar with their regular Amazon and Postal Service driver yet. Having the ability to see who is at the door, even while still at work, helps you keep an eye on your packages and know who is knocking on the door. Most doorbell cameras give you a live feed via an app, so the new couple will know their take-out is hot and ready to eat when the bell rings.

Smart Thermostat: Most people are looking for smart technology to help save money and create a complete home automation experience. A smart thermostat offers remote access and control, custom schedules, and instant alerts. It takes the guesswork out of saving energy and lets your home act for you — based on your location, activity, and even the weather conditions. A smart thermostat can respond to inputs from devices throughout the home to provide more accurate temperature adjustments, including critical temperature alerts. What couple wouldn’t want one less thing to worry about?

Automated Light Controls: Light controls are another great way to help a newly married couple save energy and save money. Smart plugs allow you to set schedules to turn lights on and off automatically and to control the power to any device through an app. This is especially helpful when the couple travels. Automated lighting can be managed through a smartphone and helps give the perception that people are in the home, even though they are actually away.

Smart Locks for Doors: Whether someone forgets to lock up after going out to a movie or the newlyweds need to let the neighbor in to feed their pets, a smart door lock’s motorized deadbolt locks and unlocks the door either from push-buttons or through an app. This kind of wedding gift gives the couple peace of mind. No matter where they are, either person can check to make sure they locked the door. You just might keep couples from either fighting over who left the door unlocked or leaving a spouse waiting because one of them took both sets of keys.

Indoor Wide-Angle Cameras: An indoor wide-angle camera creates views of large areas of your home. It is a great way for anyone to keep an eye on their home while they aren’t there. Or maybe they are upstairs but need to check on the cat downstairs. Whatever the case, having an indoor camera really provides a great sense of security when moving into a new home. The newest cameras allow owners to initiate a video and two-way call through the camera. These cameras are so sophisticated that they can include night vision, digital pan-tilt-zoom capabilities, and even Bluetooth music streaming!

Get creative this wedding season, and give the couple you love the gift of peace of mind, security, and comfort in their new space together. New smart technology can create a lot less hassle for a couple that is starting out their new life together. 

SafeTouch Security Systems are the future of home security and offer reliable monitoring, remote access, and security at the right price. If you’d like to give the gift of security, contact us today to figure out the best options for the newly married couple.

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