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Jacksonville, FloridaFrom Jaguars games to the Jazz Festival to countless other artistic, sporting, and educational endeavors, Jacksonville residents are proud of all the wonderful things our town has to offer. But that doesn’t mean the River City is immune to problems. Like any major metropolis, Jacksonville has its share of struggles, chief among them the challenge of crime in our community. Read more »

Burglars usually decide to invade homes that look like easy targets or that don't have alarm systems.Many factors may influence a burglar’s decision when he or she is deciding when, where and how to strike. Although many burglaries may seem random, effective burglars often plan their crimes in advance; what appears as random is usually haste. Burglars often look for homes without a security system, so their chances of getting away with the crime are much greater. Read more »

Vanilla Ice a.k.a. Robert Van Winkle shows off knuckle tattoosBesides demonstrating the depths to which a celebrity can sink, Vanilla Ice’s recent burglary attempt is a wake-up call to homeowners who haven’t secured their property. While few will ever have the honor of being burgled by a star of such (former) renown, anyone can be robbed, often by friends, family, and others whom you would never suspect. It is thus imperative that you take proper precautions to secure your home. The following tips will keep the risk of burglary to a minimum: Read more »

mythsabouthomeintrusionsThere’s plenty of anecdotal advice regarding home intrusions. It can be difficult to sort fact from fiction when it comes to your home’s security. Alarm companies can often provide valuable advice regarding your home’s safety. As you work to make your home more secure, consider these break-in myths and the truths behind them.

Myth: If a burglar wants to get into a home, he will, despite preventative measures.

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