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Home renovation

Whether it’s re-tiling your bathroom floor or extending the exterior walls of your kitchen, remodeling puts your home and family at risk for burglary and intruders. Most likely, there will be many strangers going in and out of your home during your remodel and you should be cautious. If you are planning a renovation with exposed walls, the lack of home security will be heightened. However, there are many steps to take in order to ensure your belongings and your family stay safe. Read more »

wireless security system JacksonvilleIt has often been said, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.” In the Jacksonville, Florida, area weather changes come about quickly. It can be bright, sunny and pleasant one minute, and five minutes later, storm clouds roll in suddenly with a tropical thunderstorm raging followed by a flash flood.

Be prepared! This famous scout motto rings true when it comes to home safety and security in Jacksonville, Florida. Every homeowner should have basic emergency supplies stored in their home for that sudden unexpected emergency.

There are many emergency kits available that are loaded with survival items complete with a radio and a first aid kit. These are very reasonably priced and are good to have on hand for an emergency. The Red Cross also has information available on how to put an emergency kit together. A handy NOAA weather radio with a hand crank and a battery backup can be purchased at most electronics stores and is a great item to keep on hand. In addition, wireless security systems for your Jacksonville home can keep your home secure at any time. SafeTouch Security Systems has locations in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida and Savannah, Georgia.
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wireless home security system JacksonvilleAs we spend an increasing amount of our lives using the Internet, we must be aware of our increasing vulnerability to cyber crimes. With this said, most people think more about maintaining their family’s and their property’s physical safety by securing their Jacksonville homes with wireless security systems, but they do not approach their Internet safety with the same concern.

SafeTouch Security Systems has locations in Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee, and Orlando, Florida, and Savannah, Georgia to meet the security needs in each individual area.
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alarm monitoring JacksonvilleWhile Black Friday is a great day to get amazing deals on all the items you want to give your loved ones for the holidays, it can also be a very dangerous day if you are not careful. Black Friday sales tend to bring out the worst in customers who are all looking to log big savings on popular items. However, no sale is worth suffering physical injuries over, and yet, year after year, many shoppers are hurt in the mad rush that is the day after Thanksgiving. Many people choose to avoid shopping on this day, but choose to go out on this major day for retailers, consider these safety tips from SafeTouch Security Systems. Read more »

alarm monitoring JacksonvilleKeeping yourself and your home safe from burglars has become a big deal in recent decades. Crime lows continue to slowly climb, causing many people to panic and have lots of pen up fear and frustration. Home security companies arrived on the scene quite some time ago, hoping to offer the average person a way to keep the home safe from criminals that want to gain entry. How did they do this? By creating security alarms that would sound when someone tried to open a locked entry into a home. Sadly, this didn’t always stop intruders. Read more »

No matter how prepared you are for a break-in, intruders are one step ahead of you. Like many professionals, burglars have a multitude of tools at hand while “working.” Most of the items they misuse are common, off-the-shelf tools you use in your own home or business. Take a look at some of the tools you might find on a burglar’s tool belt.

Tools for breaking and entering

You’re sound asleep. Suddenly, the phone rings. Your Jacksonville business alarm monitoring company is on the other line. Their system shows an open door and a broken window. You’ve been struck by a common criminal, who used a common crowbar to enter your facility. Read more »

Fire PreventionOctober brings shorter and cooler days and reminds us that winter is just around the corner. It’s a great time for you and your family to spend more time indoors and that means the chances of fire increases.

October is National Fire Prevention Month and we would like to remind you of some simple steps you can take to prevent home fires.

Test your Smoke Detector

Most homes have smoke detectors. These are simple devices that detect smoke in the home and alert you if it is detected. October is a great month to check and replace your batteries. Tests should be performed monthly. Simply press the small button that says “test.” If you do not hear a piercing beep or squeal, then your battery needs to be replaced. If your home does not have a smoke detector, they can be bought at your local hardware store. If you cannot afford a smoke detector, contact your local fire department, many have programs to give out free or low cost detectors. Read more »

kids at home aloneIt is understandable that sometimes you may not be home with your children at all times. This is generally the case when children come home after school. They may feel brave but you on the other hand may worry. Always talk with your children and place the expectations on them of how to be aware of their surroundings when coming home.

If you have not already installed a home security system, now is a good time to think about this. Having home security Jacksonville FL residents feel confident their children will be taken care of in the event of an emergency. Here are a few after-school safety measurements to include in your household. Read more »

Lightning StrikesLightning is caused on too immense a scale by thunderstorms several miles high and tens of miles wide. Lightning storms’ unpredictability increases the risk to individuals and property. However, a lightning strike’s external damage to property can often times be difficult to determine. Even firefighters often find it hard to determine whether lightning directly hits a house or not, as there can be no physical signs of damage anywhere outside. And all too often when lightning strikes it sets off alarm systems, resulting in corrupted and lost data, and damage to high-tech electronic equipment. The power problems caused by thunderstorms spell out serious operational flaws for the old-fashioned security systems. Read more »