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Using the IQ2 Panel is simple.With the upcoming winter break and imminent holiday travels, it’s a good time for everyone who owns or even rents a home to consider what their ideal security system might look like. Gone are the days of ugly number pads and dashing from the door to the clunky panel for a frantic disarm before the alarm sounds. Today, you have a much more sleek and sophisticated option for maintaining a secure home. Read more »

Burglars usually decide to invade homes that look like easy targets or that don't have alarm systems.Many factors may influence a burglar’s decision when he or she is deciding when, where and how to strike. Although many burglaries may seem random, effective burglars often plan their crimes in advance; what appears as random is usually haste. Burglars often look for homes without a security system, so their chances of getting away with the crime are much greater. Read more »

kids have a safe fun halloweenWith Halloween just around the corner, you are probably expecting visits from all the little princesses, superheroes and ghouls that will be scouring the neighborhood in search of treats. Your house is decorated, the pumpkin is carved and you are stocked up with candy just waiting for the first knock on the door. However, you may be forgetting another very important Halloween preparation: making sure your home is safe and secure for your family. Most people are having good-natured fun on Halloween, but there may be some tricksters that are just searching for a different kind of treat: an easy opportunity to burglarize your home. And what better night than Halloween? Read more »

Burglar enters house

Even if you live in a “nice neighborhood” it’s natural to be concerned about burglars. Crime of one sort or another is always the main topic of the local TV news. Plus, a large portion of the movies and TV shows produced are based on either crime or the justice system. It’s natural to be wary of burglars, but would you know a burglar if you saw one? Here’s some information to help you recognize a burglar and prevent a break-in. Read more »

house with landscape that deters burglars

Have you ever been burglarized? Are you searching for ways you can deter these burglars? If you said yes to either of these questions, then next time you go out to get your mail, stand next to your mailbox and take a look at your landscaping. A solution to your problems and worries can be as simple as a little gardening and upkeep.

Burglars can easily be deterred. While burglars look for houses with valuables, they first look for a house that has hiding spots and easy access. A burglar’s goal is to get in and out of a house quick, and by putting obstacles in their way, you can keep your valuables safe inside. And don’t worry, your landscape can still have curb appeal. Read more »

wireless security system JacksonvilleIt has often been said, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.” In the Jacksonville, Florida, area weather changes come about quickly. It can be bright, sunny and pleasant one minute, and five minutes later, storm clouds roll in suddenly with a tropical thunderstorm raging followed by a flash flood.

Be prepared! This famous scout motto rings true when it comes to home safety and security in Jacksonville, Florida. Every homeowner should have basic emergency supplies stored in their home for that sudden unexpected emergency.

There are many emergency kits available that are loaded with survival items complete with a radio and a first aid kit. These are very reasonably priced and are good to have on hand for an emergency. The Red Cross also has information available on how to put an emergency kit together. A handy NOAA weather radio with a hand crank and a battery backup can be purchased at most electronics stores and is a great item to keep on hand. In addition, wireless security systems for your Jacksonville home can keep your home secure at any time. SafeTouch Security Systems has locations in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida and Savannah, Georgia.
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home security system TampaKeeping your alarm system well-maintained is very important if you want it to function correctly if it is ever needed. While most alarm systems are installed by professionals, there are things that you as a homeowner can do on a regular basis to make sure that everything is running the right way. By following this checklist, you can help prevent a problem before it starts.
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alarm monitoring JacksonvilleIf you have an alarm system installed in your home or business, you should also have a monitoring service. There are two basic types of monitoring: professional monitoring and self-monitoring. While it may appear cost-effective and convenient to monitor your alarm system yourself, hiring a professional monitoring service is the safest way to go. With active alarm monitoring, Jacksonville companies and families can feel safer.

SafeTouch Security Systems has locations in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida and Savannah, Georgia.
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A Holiday Gift Guide for the Techie on Your ListIt’s that time of year again and before you know it the holidays are here! If you have a tech geek in your life, you’ll need to find them just the right tech gift this holiday.

1. A brother or sister: Tech geeks love nothing more than to open a gift on Christmas and find something between the wrapping paper that is an electronic device. Read more »

A baby monitor system has been proven to be more of a problem and a security threat than the ideal device it is designed for, i.e. child safety. The corded, plugged-in baby monitor system, which is no longer common has today been replaced by the new wireless model.

These wireless models pose certain security and health risks that you may want to be aware of as a parent. These devices, just like the wireless phone system, have been proven to cause continuous microwave radiation in your child’s room and are no better than the old fashioned plugged-in monitors–a trend various studies have confirmed. Read more »