SafeTouch for Business

Small-business security solutions that are right for you and your company.

At SafeTouch , we know the investment that goes into your small business is deeper than merely a financial one. You invest passion into ensuring your business thrives, which is why it is our mission to keep it safe. You focus your energy on making your business the best it can be; we provide the small-business security solution that's right for you. It's that simple.

The SafeTouch B2B Division lets you design a system that's tailored to fit your specific business needs: from security and automation, to energy management, to user administrations and video surveillance. SafeTouch offers a variety of options and equipment that will not only help provide security for your employees and patrons, but also help you save money on several key monthly costs.

SafeTouch Control Center


You Can Rely on SafeTouch Through it All

SafeTouch owns and operates its own command center, monitoring station, back-up systems and licenses. This means, even during storms and outages, we'll always be there.


Quality Installation by SafeTouch Professionals

Sit back and relax knowing your alarm systems is being installed by licensed SafeTouch employees, not subcontractors or 3rd party vendors. This ensures our systems are installed right the first time.


SafeTouch Control Installer

Business Insights

mySafeTouch Business App

Easy to understand reports let you quickly see activity patterns across your business and spot unexpected changes.

Get visibility into activity trends to make smarter decisions around staffing, promotions, energy use and more.

mySafeTouch Business App

Visualize Trends

  • Monitor open/close trends for each location
  • Identify peak periods of activity and customer traffic

Uncover Activity

  • Pinpoint activity such as unexpected entry after hours, or doors propped open that could cause energy waste or safety concerns
  • Keep a historic timestamp of which users disarmed the system

Simple Interface

  • Single site and multi-site reporting
  • Choose your report schedule and view data daily, weekly or monthly