Terms of Service

All SafeTouch® Service offers, programs, equipment, services and guarantees are more particularly described in and are subject to the terms and provisions of the applicable SafeTouch® Security Service Agreement actually entered into by the customer, and some service and equipment programs may vary depending on location. 30 day money back guarantee: If for any reason you have a service, equipment, or installation problem that SafeTouch does not fix to your satisfaction, you may cancel within a 30 day risk period. Secure, Advantage and Pro packages, require a $99 or $199 installation fee, credit approval & pre-authorized credit card payment. All 3 packages require 3 year monitoring agreement and standard installation. All systems are starting as low as and some items may be optional & at additional costs. Offer available to customers who are not under contract with current provider. Free cellular offer is non Safetouch customers not under contract with current provider. Three year monitoring agreement, required pre-authorized payment & approved credit standard installation just $29.95 per month, using customers compatible existing equipment. Not valid with any other offers. Prices subject to change. Options may change as technology changes. Terms and conditions may apply.