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Packing to travel Vacation, all I ever wanted! 🎶 The entire point of going on a trip is to relax and forget about your worries. Yet many homeowners spend the entire time worried that their houses will be broken into before they get back. Unfortunately, this fear is not unfounded. Thieves and home invaders target houses whose owners aren’t home, and know how to tell if you have left for an extended period. But through the following simple tips, you can hide the fact that you’re out of town while removing any incentive for criminals to attack your house:



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Taking a spring break vacation is always exciting, just don't forget about keeping your home safe while you're away.Spring Break is right around the corner! This is the perfect opportunity to take a quick trip with your family to have exciting adventures in places around the world, or just around the corner in Jacksonville’s beautiful local area. You can give your children memories that will last a lifetime in just a quick, action-packed trip. Read more »

Traveling abroad is an adventure, but, just as with all great adventures, it can come with risks.Having the ability to travel abroad gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in other cultures that you might not otherwise have exposure to here in the United States. To make the most of your trip and ensure your safety, here are some things you should do before and while traveling abroad. Read more »