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Home Security PanelModern technological advances have improved our lives with products we could never have anticipated in years past. They offer us unprecedented convenience, innovative services, and greatly increased security for our homes. We can lead our best lives with the assurance that we will remain safe as we do so. Read more »

Smart home technology can help make your home more secure.A security system can help you feel safer while you’re relaxing in the comfort of your home. But what about when you need to leave? You trust the system will work for you, but now and then, you may wish you had a way to check in on what is happening while you are at work, on vacation, or simply in another room. Read more »

Give trusted guests access to your home via smart lock with their own unique user code.The holidays are looming closer than seems possible! Turkey dinners, pumpkin pie, and the company of our dearest friends and family are just a few short weeks away. Holidays bring with them the potential for houseguests and the dilemma of how to give them the access they need without compromising home safety. Read more »

ADC Smart Thermostat and Skybell WiFi DoorbellSafeTouch Security is always on the hunt for new products and services that can help keep you and your family safe and secure. We’re privileged to use our knowledge, as well as our place at the forefront of the industry, to bring you the most innovative products the market has to offer. Recently we have launched the SkyBell WiFi Doorbell, and the ADC Smart Thermostat! Read more »

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Your home isn’t always a safe haven for kids. This is especially true if you’re away while at work or vacationing during the summer. Your kids can get into trouble, and even get injured, without your supervision. While you can’t always be there to keep your kids safe, you can proactively ensure their safety and comfort by relying on technologies such as wireless security systems and mobile monitoring. Read more »

wireless home security system JacksonvilleAs we spend an increasing amount of our lives using the Internet, we must be aware of our increasing vulnerability to cyber crimes. With this said, most people think more about maintaining their family’s and their property’s physical safety by securing their Jacksonville homes with wireless security systems, but they do not approach their Internet safety with the same concern.

SafeTouch Security Systems has locations in Jacksonville, Tampa, Tallahassee, and Orlando, Florida, and Savannah, Georgia to meet the security needs in each individual area.
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