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Apps can help keep your little ones secureAs a parent, you understand the constant safety worries that come with having kids. Whenever a news story or an Amber Alert pops up about a child being assaulted or kidnapped, it’s enough to make you question whether you are doing enough to keep your children safe, especially with the impending start of the school year. You won’t always be available to be in the same place as your kids to make sure they are out of harm’s way. Read more »

internet password loginWhether you are banking online or have all your family photos stored in the cloud, you want to make sure that your digital information and identity is safe. This starts with strong passwords that are hard to break, and extends to being careful with the information that you share about yourself online, especially via social media. Read more »

new technology and security join forcesMuch of the news you hear or read about technology emphasizes the new risks it brings to your personal information and finances. However, there is no need to fear or be intimidated by high tech and innovations in home security. Conveniences that were only portrayed in science fiction movies just a few years ago are now a reality, and affordable for most home owners. With some knowledge and a bit of research, you can make an informed decision about available products. The following are a few ways technology can help improve your home security. Read more »

school zone safetySoon children across the area will be heading back to school for the spring term. As much as you would like to avoid admitting it, a lot has changed since you were a kid. The world is not always a safe place for children, and as a parent, you want to guard your kids from danger as much as possible. Before the school year begins, take some time to review these safety tips that could help keep your kids safe. Read more »

cybersecurityAs cyber-technology deepens it’s hold on our lives, the need for security from online fraud, theft, and abuse becomes more of a concern. That’s why the Department of Homeland Security has kicked off National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The month of October is dedicated to educating citizens and raising awareness about cyber security, offering tips on ways to stay safe online, and strengthening the nation’s security in the event of a cyber-related incident. Read more »