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Portrait Of Age-diverse Children, Smiling Boy And Girl With Back

The bell signaling back to school will be ringing before you know it! With this revelation may come a sense of relief as the pressure to entertain and monitor kids while on break melts away, but that relief may quickly be replaced by worry as parents realize that their children could be at risk.

Unfortunately, not all parents are afforded the luxury of being home when their kids leave for or return home from school, leaving them concerned about the whereabouts of their children. That’s where a home security system comes in: With a SafeTouch security system featuring the IQ Panel 2 and the mySafeTouch mobile app, you can be notified immediately when your alarm system is disarmed and you will be able to see exactly who is disarming it, helping you know the precise moment that your kids get home safely.

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Smiling Young Pretty Girl Peeking Out Of DoorWe always want to be there to keep our children safe, but sometimes life provides circumstances that make it impossible to be there in person. Work and school hours may be a bit off, traffic may slow you as you head home, or your child may be at that transitional age where she is too old for a babysitter but too young to be left alone. Whatever the circumstance, there are ways you can increase the amount of after-school safety you offer your child.

Cell Phone

Make sure your child has a cell phone that has both you and 911 on speed dial. Many of today’s phones have GPS tracking incorporated and this is well worth seeking out when you make your purchase. Make it a rule that your child check in when they get home and that they stay inside until you arrive. Another thing to do is to place your phone number under the term ICE in your child’s phone contacts. Should something happen, emergency personnel will search a cell phone for this entry, which stands for In Case of Emergency.

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bigstock-Collection-of-CCTV-and-securit-89775863_copyIn this techno-­oriented world, everything is going wireless, even home security. People who are concerned about neighborhood security know when and where to install a home security camera system. Such a system allows you to record activities going on inside as well as around the home in the absence of the homeowner.

Types of Security Cameras

There are different types of security cameras and knowing what each type offers can help you make an informed decision.

Traditional Camera: This is not as expensive as other cameras and can be added to existing home security system. The drawback is the limited vantage point it offers.

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business securityAvoiding false alarms is a good idea for business owners and managers. By following some simple guidelines, it is possible for business owners and employees to reduce the number of false alarms generated at their facilities. Read more »

family pets

About 60 percent of Americans own a pet. Pets have won their place into our hearts and have become valuable members to most families. Not only do we enjoy having our pets around us, but we receive many benefits as a result of having them. Besides being our friend and companion, studies have shown that pets also provide many health benefits to us such as: Read more »

Cctv Or Security Camera

As the saying goes, your home is your castle. For homeowners, what makes your castle, or home, special is that it’s yours: your own unique piece of the world. Maybe that’s why the thought of a break-in is so upsetting. While a moat may not be the best form of security nowadays, a security system is. Here are ten reasons why you may be a good candidate for investing in a security system:

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home security camera JacksonvilleYour home is your sanctuary, where you go to escape and feel safe enough to relax. But in today’s changing world, sometimes other people look to destroy that sense of peace and security. Crime can hit close to home, but it isn’t always in the big sort of way that makes headlines. People you know and allow to spend time in your house can commit small crimes, including petty thefts. Here are some ways you can safeguard yourself and your valuables.
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