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It is every individual’s responsibility to secure his or her’s home, office or business. Even if you carry insurance and can get compensated in case something happens, it will still lead to a lot of heartache and also leave a sense of being violated. To prevent from being a target of burglaries or vandalism, you can opt for home security systems. Such home security usually consists of a numbered keypad which requires a special code put-in before allowing access to your home, and security cameras and silent alarms. There are many options to choose from when you are thinking of installing a security camera. One of the most popular ones in Jacksonville, FL is the dome camera; it comes in a wide variety of designs and offers plenty of adaptability.

Dome Camera Benefits

Dome cameras can be fitted in a recessed part of the ceiling with the housing dark-tinted to conceal the camera, or they can be wall mounted, on a bracket. The final choice should depend on the area to be covered and the required dexterity. With today’s advanced technology, dome cameras can be analog or digital, fixed or mobile and also web-enabled. This allows for real-time data streaming which can prove invaluable in sensitive areas. Technologically advanced PTZ dome cameras can pan, tilt, zoom and focus, and pinpoint any area, operated wirelessly. They can also be fitted with thermal sensors or infrared for night vision or can be simple daytime security cameras only. Read more »