smart home security

Home security is the latest trend in the do-it-yourself movement. We all like to feel safe in our homes, and the temptation to buy a few inexpensive cameras to put up around the house can seem tempting – It’s easy, it’s cheap, why not?  But do DIY home-security solutions truly make us more secure?

When the time comes to upsize, downsize, or move for work, every addition you’ve made to your home will affect the offer you will get when you sell it. A security system provides a rare return on your investment – It both increases your security now and adds value to your home when you decide

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Smart cameras have become a mainstay of modern home security, just as motion-activated cameras before them. They both offer peace of mind to those who employ them. From deterrence to proof of intrusion, these two security measures place vital tools at your disposal.

Electronic security systems and alarm codes have greatly improved the way we allow visitors into our home. Where we used to have to lend out a key, or worry someone might find the spare under the doormat, we now have a greater, safer array of options for welcoming our guests. Codes for electronic locks and

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