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img_safetouch_featuresThe time for holiday cheer is here! With this joyful time of year often comes family from out of town, or distant friends arriving to catch up with those they have missed all year round. Those fortunate enough to have family staying with them throughout the holidays may be in search of ways to make their guests’ trips that much more comfortable.

Holiday guests often have more than one branch of family they wish to visit while they are in town. It can be a hassle to give over spare keys to your home, then remember to collect them again when guests leave. Or perhaps you need to have neighbors bring in your mail and water your plants while you have your own seasonal adventures away from home. Keep track of who is coming and going while maintaining good home security with a SafeTouch security system and the mySafeTouch mobile app!

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Using the IQ2 Panel is simple.There is little more satisfying than a project you complete yourself. Riding high on a sense of accomplishment can brighten anyone’s day, and the bragging rights for finishing a do-it-yourself task taste sweeter than holiday pie. The long hours of hard work can really pay off, both in terms of home improvement and in morale.

And yet, there is little more frustrating or demoralizing than a DIY project gone wrong. You are forced to either stare at the unassembled pieces long after exhaustion with the task has set in, or to perpetually be frustrated by issues with an incorrectly installed product. Whether the task seems impossible, or simply takes far longer than you anticipated, it leaves you wondering if you could have better spent your time elsewhere.

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Using the IQ2 Panel is simple.With the upcoming winter break and imminent holiday travels, it’s a good time for everyone who owns or even rents a home to consider what their ideal security system might look like. Gone are the days of ugly number pads and dashing from the door to the clunky panel for a frantic disarm before the alarm sounds. Today, you have a much more sleek and sophisticated option for maintaining a secure home. Read more »

Portrait Of Age-diverse Children, Smiling Boy And Girl With Back

The bell signaling back to school will be ringing before you know it! With this revelation may come a sense of relief as the pressure to entertain and monitor kids while on break melts away, but that relief may quickly be replaced by worry as parents realize that their children could be at risk.

Unfortunately, not all parents are afforded the luxury of being home when their kids leave for or return home from school, leaving them concerned about the whereabouts of their children. That’s where a home security system comes in: With a SafeTouch security system featuring the IQ Panel 2 and the mySafeTouch mobile app, you can be notified immediately when your alarm system is disarmed and you will be able to see exactly who is disarming it, helping you know the precise moment that your kids get home safely.

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Security during power outageBeing home or even away from home during a power outage can be a little unsettling. Burglars that would normally pass up homes with security systems see a power outage as an opportunity to break into homes that would otherwise be defended. With hurricane season now in full swing, you might be wondering what happens to your security system if the power were to be knocked out by a storm. Whether your system will continue to work depends on the type of equipment you have in your home.

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Burglar alertWhen you think of securing your home for your family’s safety, your main priority is to keep intruders from gaining access to the inside of your home. But to completely burglar-proof your home, you need to protect not only inside your home, but also your backyard from unauthorized access to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. Your backyard can be very attractive to would-be thieves and give them access to commonly stolen items, such as bikes, patio furniture and barbecue equipment.

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Is your alarm code the weak link in your security system?A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When it comes to security systems, you could have the Fort Knox of systems, but be vulnerable because of a weak link. And what might that weak link be? More often than not, alarm codes are the weak link. Here are some reasons why your alarm codes could be making your home or business more vulnerable to a break-ins and what to do about it. Read more »

While children are prone to accidents, there are a few things you can do to keep them safe in unfamiliar environments.Americans are a people on the move. More and more people are moving to find new employment or to advance at their current job, while others choose new houses to suit their recent ability to work from home. This means an increased number of children are learning how to adjust to a new environment. Read more »

Keep your home safe while you travel for the holidays‘Tis the season for airports, bus terminals, and road trips! Holiday travel time is upon us, with many people headed home to visit with friends and loved ones who live far away. Homes along residential streets stand empty as their inhabitants make their pilgrimages to their holiday plans. Read more »

Burglars usually decide to invade homes that look like easy targets or that don't have alarm systems.Many factors may influence a burglar’s decision when he or she is deciding when, where and how to strike. Although many burglaries may seem random, effective burglars often plan their crimes in advance; what appears as random is usually haste. Burglars often look for homes without a security system, so their chances of getting away with the crime are much greater. Read more »