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3 Reasons Burglars Will Target a Business

A home security system is an important part of feeling secure in your day-to-day life. You can sleep more soundly knowing you can check your house and property from the convenience of your smartphone. If you have a professionally monitored security system, that goes double, since you know an experienced team of monitoring pros have your back should an emergency occur.

But what about security for your business? You do your best to bring attention to your company, but sometimes, that includes the wrong kind of attention. Burglars choose their targets with certain criteria in mind. Learn what attracts criminals to a business and how you can prepare.

What Burglars Look For In Their Targets

Burglars have pretty straightforward agendas: They want to gain access to a place easily and grab items they can sell quickly and anonymously, and they want to do it fast. Popular targets are:

  1. Businesses that stay open late. The later the hour, the fewer people around to witness a crime. Businesses with late-night hours staff fewer people during those hours, and have fewer customers – the perfect setup if you are up to no good.
  2. Businesses with plenty of cash on hand. Cash is an ideal haul for a thief. If your company is one known to keep plenty of cold, hard currency around, you will be an attractive target. This can include banks, pawnshops, and other, similar industries.
  3. Businesses that deal in valuables. Valuable items come in many forms. We might think of jewelry first, but pharmaceuticals, electronics, and liquor also hold value to burglars. These items are easy to grab, easy to transport, and easy to sell.

burglar in mask entering business

Keeping Burglars at Bay with Business Security Solutions

Burglars look for businesses without obvious security measures. They want to get in, grab what they came for, and get out without attracting attention. An obvious security presence can put them off before they even strike, but the more robust the system, the better prepared you are to deal with a criminal eyeing your company.

  • Window break sensors will set off an alarm should someone break the glass or open a store window. This is an excellent measure against smash-and-grab types of break-ins.
  • Video cameras give you eyes on your shop, even when you are not there. Place cameras around the perimeter, at all entrances and windows, and add ones focused on important areas such as cash registers, display cases, and inventory rooms.
  • Door sensors let you know when one of the doors to your company has been opened. Combined with surveillance cameras, you know who entered and when they did so.
  • Security systems with mobile capabilities allow you to monitor your security from anywhere via a mobile device. See through your cameras, receive notifications, and handle alerts from wherever you are!
  • Monitored security systems add the critical human element to the best systems. Have experts at your back 24/7 to respond to alerts, contact authorities, and keep you in the loop.

SafeTouch Security For Home or Business

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