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3 Security Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

The home security industry has dramatically evolved over the past 40 years. Yesterday’s systems relied on sometimes expensive analog equipment that often provided grainy video and not much in the way of audio quality, either. Today’s systems feature high-definition cameras, greatly-improved audio capabilities and multiple options for professional monitoring. But most importantly, today’s home security systems come in a variety of price points that make them affordable to a wider range of customers. The problem is that not everyone is taking advantage of this. In fact, according to research from the U.S. Department of Justice, only 17 percent of homes in the United States have a home security system installed. But that is all expected to change in 2019 with these three up and coming trends!

Trend #1 – Moving Away from Wired Systems

It is expected that wireless technology will rule during 2019 as there is a move toward going completely wireless. Many security companies are expected to move away from offering wired options as their primary type of installation. For homeowners, this means less modification and damage to their homes from the need to run wiring from sensor to sensor or camera to camera. And of course, installation time and cost are reduced because of this, too. Yet another advantage of this trend is that your home security equipment, once purchased, can be moved with you to another residence.

Trend #2 – Alternative Ways to Connect to Monitoring

Previously, it has been necessary to hardwire home security systems in a landline phone or into a home’s Wi-Fi router. Today, not everyone has a landline phone and not everyone wants to go through the hassle of dealing with the technical needs involved when dealing directly with their router. The home security system industry is poised to continue expanding into alternative networking options, especially with the growing popularity of IoT and smart home hubs, like Z-Wave, Zigbee, Google Home and Alexa.

Trend #3 – Improved Video Technology

The home security industry has already been trending toward digital video technology for years. But until now, most systems have been working with 720p or less. This means poor quality video captures, which, when needed to identify a burglar, do not always provide enough detail to help witnesses or police identify suspects. Today’s high definition cameras are becoming more affordable and will continue to move towards a 4K standard for improved reliability.


Is your home one of the 83 percent in the United States that is not equipped with a home security system? Perhaps the expense, poor video quality or concern over damaging your home during installation have been holding you back? It is expected that these exciting new trends in home security systems will make 2019 a great year for homeowners who have had previous concerns about purchasing one for their home.

If you’re considering getting a home security system or upgrading your current one, contact SafeTouch Security. We offer HD monitoring, smart home security, and more, so you can stay on-trend and, most importantly, safe!