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Back to School Safety with SafeTouch

And just like that, teachers are rushing to prepare their classrooms for students as a new school year begins. Some kids are soaking up every last minute of summer vacation, some are too excited about school to sleep, and some have been going to school for over a month. School safety means different things to different people, but it is worth acknowledging that the back-to-school season brings up all sorts of emotions — for students and parents alike.

As students of all ages head back to school this season, the team at SafeTouch Security has a few tips for staying safe. 

Don’t Let the Excitement Bring Distraction

Heightened emotion can sometimes distract us from the task at hand, whether it be driving in a school zone or walking with an awareness of our surroundings. It can also mean rushing several kids out of the house and forgetting to lock the door, or backing out of the garage less carefully than usual. 

At least with SafeTouch’s home automation and the mySafeTouch app, forgetting to lock up doesn’t need to put too much strain on your day. Simply access your locks remotely to make sure everything at home is secure. 

Keep an Eye On Things at Home

You can also use the mySafeTouch app to monitor security cameras, package deliveries, and anything else that may occur at your home when no one is there.

If your home is newly empty during the day because your kids are back in school, potential burglars may have taken note of this. With SafeTouch Security’s next generation technology, local UL monitoring, and 45-second or less response guarantee, we make sure you can protect your home and any valuables that may be inside.

Make Managing After School Easy

For a truly seamless and worry-free transition into your kids’ after-school routine, you can’t go wrong with the HD Doorbell Camera. Slender and easy to install, this smart doorbell allows you to know the comings and goings at home from wherever you are — whether that’s upstairs in your home office or across town wrapping up the work day.    

Want to make sure your kids are not answering the door for anyone? Answer it yourself! With the all-in-one MySafeTouch app, you can answer the door, manage package delivery, and more, no matter where you are. Plus, with an additional indoor camera like the 180° Indoor Camera, you can remotely monitor large sections of your home. Use this wide-angle camera to make sure homework is getting done and keep an eye on pets; in case of an emergency, let your kids know that they can initiate a two-way call using the button on top.  

 SafeTouch Security representatives are at the command center ready to back you up whenever you need it. We have expert technicians available 24/7 to provide security monitoring or to answer your customer support questions. 

You can’t put a price on peace of mind, but SafeTouch has home security solutions available for every budget.

Beyond Physical Safety and Home Security

There are, of course, dangers that home security cannot alleviate. The beginning of a new school year can bring social pressures along with it; the remainder of this blog will cover two particular safety concerns that you may not typically thinking of when considering the back-to-school season. 

Cyber Safety

If your kids have access to the internet, and especially if they have their own smart phone, the dangers that accompany going back to school are bigger than a safe home environment. The difference between summer vacation and being back in school may also be reflected in their digital social life. Children who are the targets of bullying at school are likely not free from the bullying once they return home. Cyberbullying becomes increasingly common as younger and younger children have unsupervised access to devices. 

Protect today’s youth by knowing the signs and talking to your kids about safe and appropriate technology use. Each child is different, so establish rules that are right for the unique needs of your school-aged kids. It helps if the child feels like they are actively participating in coming up with the terms of your technology use agreement. 

Rather than “laying down the law” when it comes to cell phones or social media, invite your child to tell you what they know about technology use and the possible dangers it brings. Their buy-in is essential to ensure that they are following rules they understand. Otherwise, they will likely find ways around the guidelines you set. For more information on online safety and age-appropriate technology use, including digital contracts for parents and kids, visit the Common Sense Media website.  

Safety for College Students 

When it comes to staying safe on college campuses, one of the highest risk times of year is August through November. For freshmen, and freshmen women especially, being in a new environment — away from home and parents for what is likely the first time — can lead to lowered inhibitions and an increase in risk-taking behavior. Due in no small part to the cultural influence of binge drinking, those first four months of the school year account for more than 50% of campus sexual assaults.

Drinking itself can be very dangerous, especially for young adults who are not experienced drinkers. Stay safe by:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Knowing what’s in your drink
  • Never leaving your drink unattended
  • Staying with a group