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5 Benefits of Owning an Indoor Camera

Indoor Camera

Owning an indoor camera was once seen as an excessive, over-the-top security measure. Today, indoor cameras are fairly common. Porch did a study and found 21.5% of the 986 people surveyed had a camera inside their homes. Although, that means that four out of every five people still don’t have an indoor camera. 

Indoor cameras are more affordable than ever before and can provide families with a number of benefits. Let’s explore the top five benefits of owning an indoor camera below: 

Check In On The Kids

If you’re a parent, between work, errands, and other activities, there may come a time when you need to leave your kids with a babysitter or home alone. In either case, an indoor security camera can provide you with peace of mind while you’re away from your children. Most indoor security cameras can be connected to cell phones so you can check the feed anywhere, anytime. 

As a bonus, it’ll also serve as an incentive for the kids to behave themselves. 


Claiming Insurance 

After a burglary, you need to file an insurance claim and report it as theft. A high-definition security camera can help your claim go a lot smoother. You’ll have access to vivid documentation of the incident which will validate the claim. 

You’ll also be able to validate your claim in the event of a fire or flood. Insurance companies need to know what items you lost in the disaster, and a camera can provide proof quickly and easily with no dispute.


Insurance Discounts

Not only do indoor cameras make it easier to file insurance claims, they give you the opportunity to receive a discount on your insurance. Insurance companies are willing to reward customers for having indoor cameras because as we already stated, they collect all of the evidence that’s needed to finish a claim. It’s a win-win for everybody involved. 


Avoid False Alarms

Home security systems are prone to give off some false alarms. Whether it’s a cat, dog, or neighborhood kid that set it off, it seems like every time the alarm system notifies us we’re in a code red, it turns out everything is fine. An indoor camera can help you avoid the hassle of rushing home because you can check out what’s going on from the comfort of your phone. 


Prevent crime 

Burglars will usually investigate the set-up of a home before they commit to performing a robbery. If a burglar sees that you have a camera (outdoors or indoors), it’s rare for them to go through with the plan. More than likely, they’ll back off and pick another target. 


Keep Your Home Secure With SafeTouch

Here at SafeTouch, we have a large selection of both outdoor and indoor cameras. Our favorite indoor camera is the 180-degree indoor camera. It is a wide-angle camera equipped with advanced technology that allows you to view large areas of your home with the simple push of a button on top. It also has infrared night vision and supports two-way video calls. To see the rest of our selection, you can look at our products page.


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