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5 Reasons to Invest in a Smart Thermostat

smart thermostatWhat if you could combine household savings on your utilities with being environmentally friendly? You can – with a smart thermostat.

What is a smart thermostat? It is a thermostat that can connect to your other smart home devices, like the IQ Panel 2, that you can access and control remotely with your mobile. It also allows you to create automatic and programmable temperature settings based on daily schedules, weather, and needs.

Why make the switch from my manual or programmable thermostat? The biggest advantage of a smart thermostat is that, after a learning period, it can adjust automatically based on your preferences and schedule – when you wake, leave or arrive at home, or when you go to bed. Smart thermostats also provide energy usage reports.

Manual and programmable thermostats only guarantee savings if you are diligent about monitoring them. A study reported that most homeowners aren’t programming their thermostats correctly or at all, or they are overriding the programming with the home function, effectively turning them back into a manual thermostat. And with manual thermostats, there is no potential for automatic adjustment, which makes it a lot harder to save energy and money.

Here are five reasons why you should invest in a smart thermostat:

  1. You can lower your utility bill: A surefire way to save money on your utility bill is by using less energy. A smart thermostat lets you program the temperature based on the day of the week and time of day. That way, you won’t waste energy when no one is at home, but can be comfortable when you are. Finally, you can tweak your programming to optimize your energy usage. After all, every little bit helps.

  2. You can program it remotely: It is great to be able to program your thermostat for the times when you aren’t home, but what about being able to adjust the thermostat remotely? You can do that with a smart thermostat. By connecting your smart thermostat with a mobile app (like the mySafeTouch app), you can view and adjust the temperature at any time from any place, while also keeping a virtual eye on your home.

  3. You can see your energy usage as it happens: Normally, you have to wait for your energy bill to see how much energy you used and when, but with a smart thermostat, you can see your usage in real-time. A smart thermostat offers weekly and monthly reports on energy usage. Again, you just need to access the app to review your stats at any time, and because it is a smart thermostat, you can adjust your usage both remotely and immediately.

  4. You can zone your home: Another reason to invest in a smart thermostat is that you can zone your home. What does that mean? It means that you can stop overheating the bathroom and underheating the living room. By identifying the different zones in your home, you can find the perfect temperature, room by room.

  5. You can customize it: The best thing about your smart thermostat is that you can customize it. Once you use the app to see your utility usage patterns, you can customize the temperatures when you want. But even if you don’t optimize every moment, your smart thermostat can learn your basic usage patterns and adjust automatically, guaranteeing you big savings.

Saving money is great, and saving money using the latest technology makes it fun! Invest in a smart thermostat and start enjoying the savings and added security right away. Contact SafeTouch Security today for a free quote.