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6 Easy Ways to Improve Neighborhood Security

Family walking on a neighborhood sidewalk

While we cannot choose who lives in the house beside ours, or who shares our cul-de-sac, we can choose to bring neighborhoods together for the common cause of better security. Burglaries cost on average nearly $3,000 – not to mention the incalculable cost of irreplaceable items or the effect on mental health. Community involvement can lower burglary rates and stolen packages, as well as increase a sense of well-being for everyone on the block. Here’s how to get involved!

  1. Get to know your neighbors. This might seem obvious, but it is the first and most important step towards building a more secure neighborhood. Introduce yourself to the people around you, stay in contact and build real friendships. This is a win-win for everyone involved; not only will you make new friends, but you will foster shared investment in the neighborhood’s well-being. You can be each others’ shared resource in a time of need, whether that means babysitting for a couple of hours, knowing who to call if pets get out, having a partner for an evening stroll, or bringing in mail and packages while you’re away so it looks like you’re home.
  2. Take part in the Neighborhood Watch. Neighborhood Watch programs, or other organizations like them, heighten awareness of the goings-on in a community. This practice attunes you and others to unusual happenings that could signal something even more sinister than stolen packages. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a watch program, consider starting one – or joining a neighborhood safety app!
  3. Educate your kids about bullying and stranger danger. An oft-overlooked element of neighborhood security lies with the community’s smallest members. If you have kids, ensure that they know how to resolve conflicts peacefully and talk to other children in the neighborhood who don’t have this skill. Additionally, teach them to talk about strangers who might approach them or ask them to come with them.
  4. Form a positive relationship with your local law enforcement. If you have community events, invite the local police and fire departments to get involved. Gain an understanding of who is policing your area and responding to emergencies. A positive relationship between residents and law enforcement can improve feelings of security on both sides! 
  5. Tidy up the block. Trim overgrown trees and hedges, fix broken lights or other fixtures (or call the proper municipal authorities responsible), make sure your home and your neighbors’ lights and locks are working. Not only will hosting a clean up foster a sense of community pride, it will also allow you to mend issues that could be a potential safety or security concern.
  6. Share information about security systems. If you have a security system installed, let everyone know about its benefits. If a neighbor has one installed, ask questions about it so that you can choose one of your own. The more homes in a community that have security systems, the more unattractive the area becomes to would-be criminals.

SafeTouch Security is a Great Neighbor

While your security system can’t bring in your holiday mail, water your plants, or check in on you like a good neighbor can, it can help your neighbors by discouraging crime and assisting you in the case of an emergency. Contact SafeTouch Security today for more information on how we can become a part of your neighborhood security strategy.