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6 New Gadgets That Help You Keep Track of Your Stuff

Sometimes home security is a matter of full-scale alarm systems. Sometimes all you need is a way to keep track of your keys. If you’re worried about losing your keys, wallet, phone or other small items, there are a number of interesting new technological solutions to try. Give one of these gadgets a shot and see how it works for you.

The Cobra Tag

The Cobra Tag is a small keychain device that syncs with an app on your smartphone. It works as a two-way communication device; slip the keychain into your wallet or onto your key ring and watch what happens. If you attempt to leave your home with your phone but not your keys, your phone will send you a notification that you’re leaving your keys behind. What if you lose your phone? The Cobra Tag on your key ring will chirp to let you know your phone was left behind, and your phone will automatically lock itself, just in case. This isn’t tied to geography; it works equally well if you’re leaving your keys at a friend’s house or if you lost your phone at a restaurant.

The StickNFind Sticker System 

StickNFind operates much the same way a tracking device does. You place a small tracking sticker somewhere on the item you want tracked, be it a purse, wallet, keychain or anything else. You sync these stickers with an app on your smartphone, and it acts as a radar. Simply tell your phone which item you want to find and it brings up a screen telling you how far away and in what direction your item is, as well as offering a beep when you’re close. Combine it with your Jacksonville burglar alarm to make sure any item in your home can be located anywhere.

The Tile (and App)

Tiles are small white plastic devices that you tag on to any item you want to keep track of. It easily slides onto a key ring and is as thin as a credit card, fitting easily in any wallet. You can even hide a Tile inside electronics, if you choose. What makes the Tile distinct from the other gadgets on this list? Rather than relying on your smartphone’s sensor range, it links to any other iOS device using the app to help locate your item on a global grid. Stick a Tile onto your TV and if someone steals it, you’ll be able to locate it wherever it goes. If that’s the case, though, you’ll want to check into a burglar alarm for your Jacksonville home.

The Linquet

Linquet simulates with digital signals the effect of tying all of your items together with a leash. Set a Linquet tag on or inside an item you want monitored, sync it with your smartphone, and set an alarm distance. Now, if you stray outside that set range, your phone will notify you that the item is being left behind. It won’t exactly help you locate your lost wallet, but it will let you know when you’re about to leave it behind. Think of it like preventative care for your absentminded tendency to leave items behind.

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