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8 Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing a Home Security Provider

Choosing the proper home security company is an important decision. It affects the safety of your home and your family, as well as your peace of mind. 

There are many different security companies to choose from. Asking the right questions when choosing between companies can help you decide which one will best meet your needs. Any reputable security company will have the answers to the following questions.

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  1. How long have you been in business? Experience matters. Established companies understand both which equipment they should offer and how best to utilize it. They also have the resources to provide the fastest response times and best service to their customers.
  2. Where are you located? While many companies offer online platforms, and can thus provide service to a variety of areas, local companies have a distinct advantage. They are able to offer easier maintenance for your equipment. They will also have a deeper understanding of your area’s security concerns, and will know best how to meet the unique challenges your area presents.
  3. Do you have a license to provide security service? Security companies must operate within local laws. As you check their licensure, you can also find out if they provide warranties for their equipment and services.
  4. What brand or brands of equipment do you provide? It helps to do your own research about home security equipment before speaking to a provider. Know what you want from your security system and what brands have good reviews. For many customers, the ability to use their smartphones to access their system—to remotely disarm their system, view video feeds, and receive mobile notificationsis vital.
  5. How often do you check your system? Knowing how often you can expect inspections to ensure the system remains in working order tells you a great deal about the company and their commitment to excellence.
  6. Are there extra charges involved in this service? Sometimes, there are additional charges and hidden fees that can drive costs up. Know what you will be required to pay, and get a final total before you reach for your credit card.
  7. Does your service qualify me for a home insurance discount? Many home insurance policies will offer a discount to customers who have home security systems. Your home security company should be able to help you discover if yours does.
  8. If I move, what happens to the home security system? Some security companies will allow customers to relocate the security system. Others stipulate the system must remain in the original location. Find out what your security company offers, and what will happen should you relocate.

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