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Advantages of Professionally Installed and Monitored Security Systems

Home security is the latest trend in the do-it-yourself movement. We all like to feel safe in our homes, and the temptation to buy a few inexpensive cameras to put up around the house can seem tempting – It’s easy, it’s cheap, why not? 

But do DIY home-security solutions truly make us more secure?

The answer is both yes and no. Like all consumer-grade equipment intended for a casual market, do-it-yourself cameras and security equipment come with risks and disadvantages to offset the advantages they bring. Furthermore, you might be surprised to discover how affordable a professional, monitored security system can be!

DIY Security – The Pros

DIY security technology has a low bar for entry. Almost anyone can take a couple of hours and put up a few cameras, hook them up to the house wi-fi, and have visibility in problem areas in virtually no time flat.

Video doorbells also allow you to check up on delivered packages and interact with delivery people without having to be home. In neighborhoods known for porch pirates, this can provide both security and important evidence in case of package theft. Do-it-yourself security technology can offer extra visibility and convenience without installation appointments or much investment.


DIY Security – The Cons

Because consumer-grade products must work with commonly available connections and remain accessible to those without specialized training, they are more vulnerable to being hacked. For example, hackers and people out to frighten for fun have easily taken advantage of DIY security cameras to harass innocent homeowners and their families

And because DIY security equipment stands alone, any monitoring must be done yourself. Few busy individuals have the time or the desire to stare at security feeds around the clock. These gaps in monitoring can create vulnerabilities that defeat the purpose of security systems entirely.

For some, they don’t mind the assumed risk with DIY systems, as it is still preferable to no system at all. Others may find they feel more secure with an encrypted system set up by trained technicians and monitored round the clock. 

Securing Your Security – Encryption and Monitoring Matter

You can’t buy a professional security system from your local big box store. Neither can you set it up yourself on a Saturday afternoon. But you can sleep more soundly knowing you have a system hardened against cyber criminals and monitored by companies who put “security” right in their name.

Professional security systems are set up with encrypted connections to ensure you are the only one who has access to your equipment. With a professionally installed system, you never need to worry that someone has hacked your cameras to watch what happens inside your home.

Not only do professionally installed systems come with encryption, they also allow for 24/7 monitoring. No need to worry about what’s happening while you’re away from home. A trained team of security experts keep an eye for any activity out of the ordinary, and signal the proper authorities when alerts come in. 

A DIY system cannot provide the same constant security and privacy. Even the people who helped build DIY security systems admit that the privacy issues can’t be fixed. So dangerous are the privacy concerns, that one Amazon software engineer called for the DIY home security camera company Ring to be “shut down immediately and not brought back.” 

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