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After-School Safety Check List

kids at home aloneIt is understandable that sometimes you may not be home with your children at all times. This is generally the case when children come home after school. They may feel brave but you on the other hand may worry. Always talk with your children and place the expectations on them of how to be aware of their surroundings when coming home.

If you have not already installed a home security system, now is a good time to think about this. Having home security Jacksonville FL residents feel confident their children will be taken care of in the event of an emergency. Here are a few after-school safety measurements to include in your household.

Arrival At Home

Make sure your child has access to a phone to let you know they are home. If you do not have a residential landline, give them their own cell phone. You can keep the cell phone in their book bag or at home by the front door. If you are worried about a high phone bill, many carriers have children phones that only allow programmed numbers to be dialed out, including 9-1-1.


Your child should know how to call 9-1-1 in the event of a fire, break-in, or medical emergency. If your child has a medical problem, consider getting them a medical bracelet or necklace so authorities will know how to handle the situation.

Place a checklist on the refrigerator of emergency numbers such as neighbors, close family members, and your cell and work contact numbers.

How to Behave In the Kitchen

Older children should be advised on how to properly handle the stove and oven. They should understand to never leave the kitchen when it is on or at least be in the next room. Younger children should be instructed to never turn the stove and oven on. Also, teach them how to properly use kitchen utensils. Older children should know how to use a knife and cut away from themselves. Younger children should be taught to never touch a knife. Keep easy snacks at home for them such as a microwavable dinners or sandwich options.

Teach your children how to use the fire extinguisher and if a large uncontrollable fire breaks out to leave the home and then call 9-1-1.

How to Use First Aid

Teach your child how to use the first aid kit and where it is stored. Make sure the supplies are plenty and not expired. They should understand to not take prescription medications without an adult supervising them. Teach them how to treat minor cuts and burns.

Other Home Safety Tips

You and your family should have an emergency code. This could be numbers or a phrase to use so they know someone is safe to be with. They should be instructed to never share this with anyone. If they must be picked up after school by anyone else other than yourself, make sure the information is on file at the school and you notify the school of this. Children should still verify the secret code.

Teach your children to never walk home alone. If they are the last child walking, they should go straight home and make no stops. Once they are home, they should check their surroundings before going inside.

In addition, another tip for home security Jacksonville FL children should know that when they are indoors to stay indoors. If someone comes to the door, they do not need to answer it. If someone calls home, they should never indicate to anyone they are home alone. A good response could be my mom is busy or my dad said he would have to call you back.