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Answers to the Most Googled Questions About Security Systems


Many people interested in security systems come to us with similar questions. While there are some questions that we are asked that are specific to a certain kind of alarm, we answer the same general questions on a daily basis. Whether you have a security system or you are still researching the possible purchase, these answers will be of great value to you and your home’s security.

What’s so great about a wireless security system?

  • Can be easily moved from one place to another unlike hard wired systems
  • Installation is much simpler and cost effective

  • Requires no changes to your home’s aesthetics

  • Burglars cannot cut any wires to break in

  • Remote monitoring capabilities

  • No circuit testing required

What are some additional features that come with alarm systems?

  • Carbon monoxide detectors

  • Smoke detectors

  • Flooding detectors

  • Window vibration sensors

Why should I choose a company with professional monitoring services?

  • There are many benefits of choosing a company that offers professional monitoring services including:

    • You can set up a distress code with the monitoring service that’ll deactivate the alarm if its triggered but will alert authorities that you really need help.

    • You can access your home’s alarm system from an internet-capable device like a cell phone, computer or tablet.

    • Monitoring services have faster response times.

    • There is always a live person available to guard your home. If the alarm is triggered and not turned off within a certain amount of time, the monitoring service will alert authorities.

Will my alarm system still work if I lose electricity?

  • Your security system should be equipped with a backup battery that’ll last 24-48 hours. The battery will be recharged once power is restored and can take up to 72 hours to fully recharge.

Why do my motion sensors trigger false alarms?

  • Motion sensors are triggered by a change in movement or temperature in the area. Often times, those changes in movement and temperature are caused by pets, plants, balloons, etc. Try to place the sensors in areas that are high enough to avoid your wandering pets and keep fans off to prevent your plants from moving.

Is it true that having a security system can lower my homeowner’s insurance?

  • Yes, many homeowners insurance companies award security system users with discounts. Insurance companies recognize that homes with alarms are lower liabilities than homes without alarms.

What do burglars usually steal?

  • Cash

  • Electronics

  • Jewelry

  • Guns

  • Collectibles with street value

  • Financial records or other information to steal your identity

What do burglars look for when targeting homes to break in to?

  • Easy doors: Make sure you doors are made of solid materials with screws and hinges at least two to three inches deep and are secured with a deadbolt lock.

  • Easy places to hide: Because burglaries typically take place during the day, easy hiding spots are ideal. Have all points of entry like windows and doors visible to neighbors and passers.

  • Homes without alarms: Burglars tend to avoid houses with security systems. Make it a point to have your security company’s yard signs and window stickers on display.

  • Unmaintained yards: Yards with uncut grass and newspapers piling up are clear indicators of homeowners being out of town.

  • Rooms with clear views: Burglars often scope out the homes they are planning on breaking into. Cover your windows and keep valuables out of sight.

What is “smash and crash?”

  • A method that burglars use to disarm a system. The burglars first determine where the security system is located in the house and either rip the system out of the wall or smash it. This process only takes 30-60 seconds which is the usual amount of time it takes for alarm companies to respond to a triggered alarm.

How can I control my security system if I’m not home?

  • Apps from your security company can be downloaded on your phone and connected to your system for 24/7 access. You would be able to see who used the system last or who last set the alarm code via a recording which could be accessed through the app.

  • You can get real time updates on your phone.

  • Log in to your alarm system and monitor the logs.

  • Watch a live feed of your security cameras on any device with a strong internet connection.

Are security systems worth the cost?

  • Can you put a price on your safety? If not, then the answer is yes, security systems are worth the cost. Your peace of mind is priceless and that’s what security systems ensure. Installing a security system is how you can keep yourself, your family and your assets safe from burglars and other dangerous situations.

For any questions you may have that you could not find the answers to here, refer to the FAQ section of the website or contact us for further assistance.