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Apps to Keep Your Children Safe

Apps can help keep your little ones secureAs a parent, you understand the constant safety worries that come with having kids. Whenever a news story or an Amber Alert pops up about a child being assaulted or kidnapped, it’s enough to make you question whether you are doing enough to keep your children safe, especially with the impending start of the school year. You won’t always be available to be in the same place as your kids to make sure they are out of harm’s way.

Fortunately, there are new apps available for both Android and iOS phones that can help you track your kids’ whereabouts, and, in the event of an emergency, help authorities trace their last known whereabouts or more quickly send an alert that they are missing. The following are great ways to remotely watch over your children without smothering them.

Apps That Allow You to Track

The Sygic Family app allows you to keep track of your entire family via everyone’s smartphones. You will have constant access to each family member’s real-time location. No more excuses from your kids that they couldn’t check in because the battery went dead on their smartphone. Sygic keeps track of phones’ battery levels, and allows you to send messages to have them check-in with you. You can configure Sygic with “Safe” and “Unsafe” zones that will alert you when your child arrives home (Safe zone) or goes somewhere you have told them not to go (Unsafe zone). Your child can also click an SOS button that will automatically send a call for help, along with their location to your phone.

Apps to Keep Your Children Safe Online

Cyber security is important in this age of technology. The internet makes things so convenient that it is easy to forget about the dangers it can bring into your home. An app like MamaBear not only keeps track of your child’s physical location, but also provides alerts if your child is driving over the speed limit. This app will keep watch over your child’s social media interactions. You will receive notifications when your child checks in with a Facebook location tool or if there is any sign of bullying or crude language being used on their Facebook feed. In the future, MamaBear will also be capable of monitoring Instagram and Twitter profiles.

Apps to Help Authorities Find Your Child

When a child goes missing, the police and FBI will request your child’s identifying information, along with a recent photo. FBI Child ID puts all this information at your fingertips if your child goes missing. After installing this app, you enter all the necessary information. The information is stored on your phone until it is needed, and if the worst happens, the information can be emailed immediately to the authorities.

Apps to Know What Neighbors to Avoid

A phone app, like Sex Offenders Search will allow you to research your neighborhood by connecting to the National Sex Offender Registry. Knowing where registered sex offenders gives you an obvious advantage concerning your kids (and, in some cases in your) security.

You cannot constantly hover over your children, and an app can make it a little easier to let them be independent while still having the comfort of knowing that they are okay. In the event of an emergency, these apps will have necessary information ready and keep your kids from known danger. While apps are helpful, don’t forget that a remote home monitoring system from SafeTouch can also play an important part in keeping your family safe. SafeTouch has systems that you can monitor from any mobile device, ensuring your kids’ safety, even when you’re apart. Contact us today for a free home security audit.