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Banishing Burglars: Tips to Keep Vanilla Ice (and All Intruders) Out of your Home

Vanilla Ice a.k.a. Robert Van Winkle shows off knuckle tattoosBesides demonstrating the depths to which a celebrity can sink, Vanilla Ice’s recent burglary attempt is a wake-up call to homeowners who haven’t secured their property. While few will ever have the honor of being burgled by a star of such (former) renown, anyone can be robbed, often by friends, family, and others whom you would never suspect. It is thus imperative that you take proper precautions to secure your home. The following tips will keep the risk of burglary to a minimum:

Window Wisdom

Burglars don’t want to wander around your home looking for valuables. They are most likely to rob a house if they already know where the loot is located, which is why one of the easiest ways to prevent burglaries is to keep your blinds closed when you’re not in the room. Also make sure to move any valuable items away from the windows so that potential burglars won’t see them when the blinds are open. If Vanilla Ice can’t see inside, he’s likely to pass you up.

Secure your Surroundings

Take care not to leave equipment, chairs, and your children’s toys out in the yard. If you leave your things outside, you may as well be extending an invitation to Vanilla Ice and other lowlifes to invade your home. Not only will criminals steal these items, but by demonstrating that you don’t care about your possessions, you embolden burglars to break inside and steal more. Bringing all belongings inside is thus an easy way to make yourself less vulnerable to burglary. Look over your yard every evening before sundown, bring any neglected items inside, and instruct your family to do the same.

Dealing with Damages

As with possessions left outside, visible damage on your home sends a message that you don’t care about your property, emboldening criminals like Vanilla Ice. Certain types of damage can also make it easier for criminals to get inside. Cracked windows, for example, should be replaced immediately to secure your home. The sooner you fix all damages, the safer your house will be. Between that and the effect on property values, there is no reason to leave home damage unattended.

Shrubbery Savvy

Burglars love shrubbery, as it gives them a convenient place to hide until you and your family have left the house. Eliminate the shrubs and it will be easy to detect burglars, giving them little incentive to target your house in the first place. It is particularly important to remove shrubs that are near windows. The farther away a shrub is, the less use it will be to a burglar trying to see inside. If you can’t bear to uproot your precious plants, just thin their branches out. Ask yourself if a man the size of Vanilla Ice could hide in your shrubs; if so, prune them until he cannot.

Advanced Alarms

An alarm will bring the police on the scene. Even Vanilla Ice knows what that means! An alarmed house will remain secure at all times, affording you peace of mind when you aren’t home. Some homeowners try to deter criminals without paying for alarms by putting up fake “This Home Is Secure!” signs in their yards. While this can work, it’s important to remember that burglars are often friends and family members, and may thus be able to call the bluff. Therefore, your safest bet is to invest in a real alarm.

Whether you’re trying to keep out Vanilla Ice or his less famous counterparts, SafeTouch has the technology and expertise to keep your home secure. For more information on home defense, visit our website today.