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Benefits of Camera-Triggered Lighting

camera triggered lightingSmart cameras have become a mainstay of modern home security, just as motion-activated cameras before them. They both offer peace of mind to those who employ them. From deterrence to proof of intrusion, these two security measures place vital tools at your disposal.

Security cameras and motion-activated lights have come a long way since their initial inception. New technology allows for pairing these measures with other smart home devices to create a powerful and convenient security solution. Read on to learn more about the exciting benefits that come with camera-triggered lighting.

Why Cameras and Motion-Activated Lights?

Most potential intruders look over a potential target home to assess if it will be an easy place to rob. While lack of lights or obviously vulnerable windows and doors indicate a home they can slip into without trouble, they often also check for cameras and security signs. 

A home with prominent security cameras and motion-activated lights presents a much harder target to break into. Burglars will often avoid homes where they can see outdoor cameras installed. Those few who take the chance often discover they have made a terrible mistake when the lights come on and the camera catches them in full view.

Making Lights Smarter

Motion-activated lights have long presented a double-edged dilemma for home security customers. The theory of a light that turns on only when it detects movement is a good one, but in practice, it often creates a bit of frustration. Lights can activate for many reasons, such as raccoons and neighborhood cats. This means security-conscious homeowners might spend a jittery night investigating a nomadic tabby – or worse, ignoring the lights when attention is actually needed.

Smart camera systems can solve this issue. This technology can distinguish between humans, animals, and even vehicles. You control what visitors activate your lights, so both you and the cat next door can go about your nights undisturbed by non-threatening activity.

Control is In Your Hands

The benefits of camera-triggered lighting go further still. Perhaps you do want all your lights to activate when they detect an animal digging into your garbage cans, but you would rather only a few turned on when a human dropped by. Traditional motion-activated lights could not offer you this choice.

Smart cameras can. You can set these cameras to light up the outside to frighten away inquisitive animals or turn on a light upstairs to tell you a human has been caught on camera. You can even ask the cameras to trigger alerts for certain intrusions, allowing you to see who has arrived after dark or which dog is knocking your trash bins over again.

SafeTouch Security – The Smart Choice

Now is the perfect time to bolster your home security with outdoor cameras and camera-activated lights! SafeTouch Security has the knowledge and expertise you need to find a system that is right for your needs. Contact us today!