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Best Security Options for Savvy Seniors and Caregivers in 2020

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Growing older is one of life’s greatest adventures! There’s so much to see and so much to explore with the new perspective brought on by a life well-lived. Unfortunately, the adventure of growing older does come with its own potholes in the road – loss of hearing, increased risk of falls and injury, etc. Alternately, we may find ourselves caring for aging loved ones who need a little extra help in their golden years. Smart security systems can give both independent seniors and caregivers both added convenience and peace of mind.

Smart Security for Independent Seniors

Seniors who live on their own, or with another senior partner, can utilize smart security systems to both streamline their lives and lessen the risk of harmful accidents. These systems can also provide peace of mind when considering potential intruders, the risk of falls, or serious health incidents that might leave a person unable to reach a phone.

  • Outdoor cameras can assist with identifying noises heard outside. For those with hearing loss, motion-sensing cameras can alert you to unheard events that require your attention.
  • Doorbell cameras alert you to visitors and delivery people who have arrived should you not hear them. They can also allow you to provide delivery instructions or interact with someone at the door without having to get up, minimizing the risk of falls.
  • Smart appliances, locks, and lights can also help minimize the risk of falls by providing you the means to turn off a forgotten lamp or check the lock on the front door without navigating a darkened house.
  • Some smart security systems can interface with personal call buttons or can sync with voice activated technology, which would allow you to call for help even if you can’t reach the phone.

Smart Security for Caretakers

Taking care of an elderly loved one can be difficult enough, between mandatory medical appointments and chores they can no longer perform. The knowledge that you cannot always be there to watch over them can add worry to an already stressful situation. Smart security systems can help lighten the load and ease the burden of knowing you are not there at home with them to help.

  • If you are concerned your loved one may not be managing in their daily routine, indoor cameras can help. Watch them move around their home or use sensors to verify their movements. Sensors on the refrigerator door can also help you verify they are eating enough.
  • Concerned about falls? Cameras and voice-activated emergency commands can provide a means for your loved one to receive the attention they need.
  • Monitor their home health care or ensure they are safe with access to a video doorbell on their smart security system. You can ensure their home care aides arrive and leave at the appointed times.
  • Environmental sensors connected to smart security systems can detect smoke, carbon monoxide, or windows or doors left open. Set yourself to be notified so you can be on hand in case of an emergency.

SafeTouch Security Has Your Smart Security Needs Covered!

If you are an independent senior attempting to future-proof your home, or a caregiver for a senior who needs more peace of mind, SafeTouch Security can help. Contact us today for more information on a system customized to fit your needs!