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Beware of Alarm System Scams

Beware of door to door sales scammers parading as legitimate agencies.There is some wisdom in aphorisms; one example is particularly relevant today: if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Reports are coming in from around Jacksonville of a man claiming to be a city worker offering to inspect/upgrade home security systems for free.

One of the men claiming to belong to the City of Jacksonville crime preventionThose who interacted with the man said that he claims to be with the City of Jacksonville crime prevention and that he says he just wants to put a crime prevention sign in their yard; he then asks to come in to inspect their current alarm system. One victim reported that instead of upgrading or inspecting their current system, the man promptly replaced the customer’s SafeTouch home security system with an Alder security system.

As reported by Action News Jax, these Alder reps use false credentials and they use scare tactics (saying things like, “so you’re not afraid of being broken into?”), tricking vulnerable people into getting—and paying for—an unlicensed system.

At SafeTouch, our customers’ safety is our highest priority. In order to avoid being scammed, make sure to pay attention to these telling signs:

  1. Clothing/Badges: one of the first things people noticed about this “COJ” crime prevention representative was that his shirt said “Alder.” If the rep’s clothing or badges don’t match their stated organization, you’re likely dealing with a scammer.
  2. Credentials: many scam artists use false credentials, so it’s important to either know proper professional protocol or be able to easily verify. For instance, SafeTouch technicians always have their license information on them and will be able to provide it when asked. An important takeaway from this story is that the city stated that they are not involved with private home security systems and that that is not a part of any city programs.
  3. Concealment: if you can’t see someone who just knocked on your door with your SafeTouch security cameras or with your SkyBell, that person is most likely hiding from them. Licensed service professionals do not hide. If your “security technician” is hiding from your cameras, that’s a bad sign.
  4. Communication: a reputable company like SafeTouch communicates when things like upgrades are due and maintains good relationships with its customers. If you haven’t heard from your security provider that you are due for an upgrade or inspection, but someone at your door is saying that’s why they are there, be wary and ask for credentials. Don’t let someone in your house if they can’t produce the appropriate licensing.

We hope that these tips will help you stay vigilant. SafeTouch always puts our customers’ security first. We guarantee that our employees undergo rigorous background checks to ensure that you and your family always feel safe. In order to be sure that you are always dealing with a reliable company, contact us online or call 1-844-324-2900.