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Can Plants Really Help Improve My Home Security?

strategically placed plants can deter burglars and home invadersAre you in need of an attractive and cost-effective way to upgrade your current home security system? Your home is your castle. You want to keep it safe, but you also want it to look nice. That’s why you spend time, money, and effort personalizing and upgrading all aspects of your home, so that it reflects your tastes and values. You might be surprised to learn that having the right plants and shrubs around your house is a relatively simple way to dissuade burglars (and nosy neighbors) from getting too close to your home. And, done the right way, it can certainly add some curb appeal.

Within the wide world of plants, you can find interesting varieties of thorns, poisons, and other theft-deterrent features. You can use these to your advantage as a way to keep away unwanted human contact. But, be smart! Installing a moat around your home would definitely increase your security, but would that be the best choice in terms of maintaining the current resale value of your home? Landscaping is the first thing that a potential buyer will see. This can reflect well or poorly for you. So, you should be careful to choose flora that will not only give your home security system a boost, but will also enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Which plants should I choose to improve my home security system and curb appeal?

As a homeowner, you will do whatever it takes to ensure your home is safe against burglars and home invaders. Fortunately, choosing to upgrade your home security with plants is a relatively low-cost and low-maintenance option, compared to, say, buying a guard dog, for instance. Planting a hedgerow of thorny rosebushes is a surefire way to discourage unwanted intruders. Even the common holly bush can inflict some pain with its spiked green leaves. Installing a spiky carpet of creeping juniper will inflict pain if meddled with, and it will look like a big beautiful rug. Some plants can offer safeguarding AND nutrition. Blackberry shrubs have tall, thorny thickets, and giant rhubarb come equipped with abrasive foliage.

Other options include plants like the giant hogweed, with sap that becomes poisonous in the sunlight, or the yew and manchineel plants, which bear toxic fruits. However, if you have children or pets that might unknowingly come into contact with these potent plants, you may want to consider growing something a little less aggressive.

What other ways will having plants around my home allow me to upgrade my home security?

What good are plants if you can’t see them at night? Installing motion-sensored exterior lighting will not only provide you with a tasteful way to highlight your wise landscaping choices, it can also provide an upgrade to your current home security system. Having outdoor lights shining around your house will make your property a more difficult target for burglars. The added security can prevent break-ins and will leave you with peace of mind and a way to display your attractive landscaping choices at night

Additionally, you should keep in mind that, generally, a house thief is someone who lives within a few miles of your home. That means that, in reality, the chance of being victimized by a professional thief is low. Don’t help burglars by giving them a place to hide. Be sure to keep shrubs and trees around your home trimmed.

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