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The Best Places to Mount Home Security Cameras

Have you ever wished you had a superpower that allowed you to be more than one place at a time? That way, you could work, run errands, and keep an eye on your home.

While you may not have superpowers, you can gain the super ability to watch your home at all times with home security cameras! These economical investments can allow you to see when packages are delivered, when someone approaches the entrances to your home, and can help you keep an eye on your loved ones. 

Keep reading to learn the best places to position cameras around your home to deter burglars and keep your home safe.

Home Security Cameras Outside the House


Correct camera placement will allow you an unobstructed view of your points of entry, as well as the valuables you keep outside your house.

  • Whether you have a garage or not, it’s always a good idea to keep a camera aimed at where you keep your vehicle. This can deter thieves from breaking into your car, or worse, stealing it altogether.
  • A high percentage of home invasions involve burglars walking right in a home’s front door. Ensure you have a camera to cover this common entry place to your home! It can also keep an eye on delivered packages and visitors, too.
  • Don’t forget the side and back doors! These are easy places for troublemakers to enter your home.
  • Windows, especially those located in areas not visible from the front of your home, provide another easy point of entry for those who want to break in. Cameras facing these windows give you another layer of security.
  • If you have outbuildings, sheds, a driveway, or another detached structure, it is a good idea to have cameras facing these. The same goes for any bicycles, motorcycles, or cars you store outside. Cameras not only catch thefts, they can also spot and record vandalism.

Home Security Cameras Inside the House

Security cameras inside your home ensure you know the actions of anyone who gains entry to your home, whether through a break-in or an invitation to watch your dog for the weekend. Further, these cameras can give you valuable proof of what was taken, or what happened while you were away.

  • Just as you would outside, face cameras towards the front, back, and side doors to catch those who walk through them. A high vantage point will allow you to catch everything that occurs.
  • Windows are also important to capture with indoor security cameras.
  • If you have valuables inside your home, such as computers, safes with jewelry, large amounts of cash, or other expensive items, position cameras to watch the areas where these items are stored.

SafeTouch Security Knows Cameras

Did you know there are laws regarding where you can mount and point home security cameras? Do you know the best height to mount them at, and where they can be placed to minimize the possibility of tampering? SafeTouch does! Give us a call today so we can help you get the most from your security cameras!