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Changing Your Cable Provider? What About Your Security System?

bigstock-network-engineer-working-in-se-65646097_copyWireless security systems have become extremely popular in recent times. Not only has the technology improved in the last few years, these systems are now more affordably priced and are quite reliable to ensure the safety and security of homes and businesses. They are easy to install and do not require hard wiring or circuit testing. The installation hardly takes a few hours and with the cameras good to go, you can keep an eye on who enters and leaves your property.

Cable Providers and Security Systems

Today, many cable providers are offering connectivity for security systems. They have packages that allow customers to choose how many cameras they want operational. You can get an alert by email or text message each time the system is activated or deactivated, and much more.

These packages by cable providers are designed to offer you peace of mind. However, the basic packages are, well, basic and the more features you take, the higher will be the cost. Hence, many times people start off with a cable provider and then decide to change their cable providers only to find out that their security system is not non-functional after the change.

Changing Cable Providers

You may want to change your cable provider for various reasons. At times, it could be due to lack of service or you end up getting a better deal. Regardless of your reason for change, taking this step could mean turning off your security system.

All cable providers are definitely not equal. Even the way these providers connect phone lines are different. When you change your cable provider, one of the issues is the phone line connection. If your new provider connects its phone line in a different way than your previous installation, it could switch off your wireless security system and leave you and your loved ones vulnerable.

The Solution

If you are keen on changing your cable provider, here is the solution. These suggestions will help ensure your security system works even after the switch.

Test the alarm and wireless security system before any change

Test the system once more after the changes are executed

In all probability, you would need to make a service call to the cable provider. Once the technician comes, he will check the system and get it started. Make sure you have the master code and secondary user code handy. It will help hasten the repair and get your security system working within no time.

Wireless is the Way Forward

If you are changing your cable provider because you want to upgrade the service and improve the security of your property, this is the perfect opportunity to switch from a hard-wired security system to a wireless one.

While it is easy to install a traditional hard-wired security system when constructing a new home, it can become a nuisance and expensive affair if your home is already finished and you want to upgrade your current system.

A wireless security system allows the following:

Easy camera placement

Removable components

No need to drill or hammer in nails

No change to the look and aesthetics of your home

Quick installation, usually within a few hours

No testing of circuits

The Bottom Line

Changing your cable provider can prove to be a wise decision. However, if this change ends up turning off your security system, things can go south. It can leave your home open to intruders without you realizing it. That’s why it is necessary you take the aforementioned steps while changing your cable provider and if possible, make a change to the system by adopting wireless security system. You will not regret the choice. After all, it is the latest technology and compatible with smartphones and other handheld devices.