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Cold Weather Home Security Tips

Small wooden home in snow

While Florida’s winters remain mild when compared to other parts of the country, we still need to perform seasonal due diligence around the house. This usually means checking the seals around our windows and doors and changing the filters in our furnaces. It also means taking a few additional steps when it comes to home security.

These simple tasks should fit right in with your usual routine for winterizing your home and help you have a happy and safe winter.

Heat Your Home Safely

Even our mild winters can get cold, especially at night. When switching from AC to heat, it is important to clear debris out of vents throughout the season, ensure the furnace doesn’t have flammable materials near it, and remove all combustible substances, such as cleaners or paint, removers from the area.

Some people enjoy the portable heat of space heaters as a way to drive the chill out of cold rooms and save money doing it. Ensure you turn off space heaters before you go to sleep for the night. Unplug space heaters before you leave the room. And just as you would with your larger furnace, dust away debris from the space heater’s vents and ensure no combustible materials sit near it.

Winter is a great time to add a smart thermostat to your home security suite. Get alerts when your home drops below an acceptable temperature, turn your heater up before you have to peel those warm blankets back, and more!

Disaster Planning with Smart Security Equipment

Unexpectedly fierce winter weather can mean inconvenient power outages. With everything else to worry about when the electricity fails, you don’t want to have to worry about your home security system. Modern systems mean you don’t have to.

Ensure your home security system has an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) so it can remain functional when the power has gone out. Check this battery backup during the winter months to make sure it remains healthy. Also, consider adding a security system that utilizes cellular communications. Your landline can go out during a power outage.

With home security from SafeTouch, we provide round the clock monitoring. We own our own command center, monitoring station, and back-up systems, so that even during power outages, you can rest assured that we will still provide a guaranteed response.

Not All Winter Visitors Want to Make Merry

Winter is an oddly busy time for home intruders. When the temperature drops, people move indoors for comfort, and that means fewer witnesses on the streets when a burglar wants to work. Shorter days and longer nights provide more opportunities for breaking and entering.

One popular tactic involves a home intruder dressing up as a solicitor or utility worker. In this way, they can knock on doors without arousing suspicion, and see what homes remain empty. Pay attention to anyone who knocks on your door. Watch them when they leave to see where they go after they leave your porch. If they seem suspicious, contact the police. Doorbell cameras and outdoor surveillance cameras can really help combat these kinds of intruders!

SafeTouch Has Your Back in Any Season

Looking to up your security game this winter? SafeTouch has both the state-of-the-art equipment and experience you need to make winter the most secure season of the year. Contact us today!