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Crime Statistics in Florida

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has issued its 2010 Crime Clock to better notify you of Florida’s crime statistics as they currently stand.

Here are the Florida crime statistics for 2010:

  • One index crime every 41 seconds
  • One violent crime every 5 minutes and 9 seconds
  • One property crime every 47 seconds
  • One murder every 8 hours and 53 minutes
  • One forcible sex offense every 53 minutes
  • One forcible rape every 1 hour and 38 minutes
  • One robbery every 20 minutes
  • One aggravated assault every 8 minutes
  • One burglary every 3 minutes
  • One larceny every 1 minute
  • One motor vehicle theft every thirteen minutes

Florida is still considered to have the highest rate of crime of any state. Our state made national headlines last year when it appeared our crime rates had decreased, but it still was not enough to remove our state from the top of the list. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the crime rate in Florida is the lowest it has been in 40 years. Overall, crime in 2010 dropped by 6.7% over 2009. Although the news is more positive than it has been in recent years, it’s still important to secure your home, your business, and your person from any crimes.

Don’t be another statistic

The best way to prevent yourself from becoming one of the tragic statistics listed above is to be prepared for any situation. Stay alert and be smart when you’re alone. For instance, if you’re a woman who works late at night, be sure to have a man walk you to your car at the end of the day. Schedule the end of your office hours with others so you don’t leave by yourself, especially in the winter when it gets darker earlier outside. Lock all doors behind you once you enter your home. Invest in a trusted security system. If you already have one, be sure to utilize all of the features that come along with it, including phone apps that allow you to monitor your home from a distance.

To learn more about the Florida crime rates for 2010-2011, contact one of our safety technicians today. We’ll be happy to discuss your personal safety needs and how to make you feel safe and secure no matter where you are.