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Cyber Monday Tips

Cyber Monday Home Security Jacksonville FLFor people who enjoy holiday shopping but do not like the crowds that fill malls and shopping centers during the holidays, the Internet has become the preferred method to shopping during the holiday season. The Internet provides people with the opportunity to shop from the comfort of their own homes for the same bargains that a lot of people struggle to obtain while venturing out to malls and shopping centers.

Black Friday

During the holiday season, the most popular shopping day for many people is Black Friday, which is widely recognized in the United States as the first shopping day after Thanksgiving. In addition, Black Friday is highly popular and notes the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. During Black Friday, people are enticed to shop with special offers provided by retailers.

Cyber Monday

As popular as Black Friday is for providing consumers with great shopping bargains, the day is almost as well known for the massive shopping crowds that descend on malls and shopping centers across the United States. For people who do not enjoy the task of shopping in malls and shopping centers during the holidays and especially on Black Friday, the Internet provides a day that is similar to Black Friday for online shoppers, which is called Cyber Monday. If you are unfamiliar with Cyber Monday, it is a highly popular online shopping day that follows the excitement concerning Black Friday. Many online shoppers get just as excited about Cyber Monday as shoppers do for Black Friday.

Your Security and Safety While Shopping

Regarding both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the most important aspects to shopping in either environment are security and safety because the rate of crime typically increases during the holiday shopping season. With the increase in crime activity, many people fall victim to crimes such as identity theft, stolen merchandise, and robbery.

At SafeTouch Security Systems, your security and safety are very important to us. SafeTouch Security Systems offers a variety of security services that are designed with your safety as our top priority. Moreover, we always try to provide information that is useful to our customers and the general public as a whole concerning security.

Cyber Monday Tips

Whether online or in malls, security should be in the forefront of your mind during the holiday season. While you may recognize the dangers of shopping in a mall, you may overlook the dangers of online shopping.

Moreover, you may understand the importance of locking your car doors, keeping your purse or wallet close to you, and keeping your packages out of view in your car during the holiday season. However, at SafeTouch Security Systems, we try very hard to encourage you to keep yourself safe at all times, which includes online shopping. For that reason, there are several tips that you should remember concerning online shopping on Cyber Monday that include:

  1. Do not provide your social security number online.
  2. Only shop on websites that provide secure pages for areas where your credit card and personal information is required.
  3. Shop with retailers that you are familiar with and trust.
  4. Print and save all purchase confirmations.
  5. Track your packages during shipment.
  6. Read and understand the return policies at the websites where you shop.
  7. Check for free shipping options.
  8. Try to avoid shopping online using a public Wi-Fi connection.
  9. Use a computer or other technology device that has virus and firewall security.
  10. Try to avoid using your debit card for your online purchases.

Cyber Monday is a highly anticipated day in cyberspace for millions of online shoppers. There are many great bargains available online; however, security and safety should be a huge consideration for you. At SafeTouch Security Systems, we care about your safety and security. If you have any security needs, you can contact us for quick and dependable service. SafeTouch Security Systems provides a variety of security services for both business and home needs.