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Deter Package Theft with Smart Home Security and Surveillance

The holiday season often brings out the best in people. Generosity and the holiday spirit can turn us all into the most giving versions of ourselves. You see more smiles and hear more well-wishes than any other time. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! 

Smart Home Security Products This may be especially true with package theft around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Packages bought online end up delivered during the workday and become an easy target for thieves.

Read on to learn more about how smart doorbell cameras and other security measures can help deter package theft.

Convenience and Security in One Package with Smart Doorbell Cameras

Today, doorbells can do much more than inform you when someone has arrived. Doorbell cameras can add a layer of both convenience and security to your home. Their usefulness during the holiday delivery season may surprise anyone unfamiliar with their features.

For those not in the know, smart doorbell cameras activate when they detect activity or when someone pushes the doorbell chime. You can receive alerts on your smartphone to tell you when someone is at the door. Better still, you can see who it is from the convenience of your phone screen, and you can speak to them through a speaker on the doorbell.

Frequent faces can often be stored in a database that will send you a custom alert when these people arrive. You also have the ability to review footage and even save it in case you need it to share with neighbors or law enforcement. Not only can you receive an alert when your package is delivered, you can give delivery drivers instructions through the speaker, and record anyone who touches those packages later.

Other Measures to Protect Holiday Packages from Theft

Traditional security cameras also offer the ability to see and record deliveries made to your front door in high-definition resolutions. Motion detection alerts you when someone has triggered the system, so you can take a peek on your phone screen. Many come with speakers you can use to interact with visitors. These come in both plug-in and battery varieties to suit any location.

SafeTouch Security for a Safe Holiday Season

Worried about the safety of your packages during the holidays? Want to know how you can feel more secure? SafeTouch Security can help! Contact us today for more information on how to protect your packages and your family.