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Do Home Security Systems Increase Home Value?

When the time comes to upsize, downsize, or move for work, every addition you’ve made to your home will affect the offer you will get when you sell it. A security system provides a rare return on your investment – It both increases your security now and adds value to your home when you decide to sell it.

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Adding to the Actual Value of Your Home

The popularity of home security systems continues to rise as modern advances integrate security with the handheld technology we use every day. This translates into more homebuyers searching for houses that come pre-equipped with security systems they can simply flip the switch on. Just as people might search for a house with a newly renovated kitchen, or one that comes with brand-new appliances, they may also look for a house with updated security technology already installed.

Quality security equipment put in place by a reputable company offers both convenience and added appeal to potential homebuyers. All they have to do is set up their own contract with a provider and boom! Their new home is secure. This can be a major selling point when listing your house.

Boosting the Perceived Value of Property

Not all value comes in the form of equipment or assets. While features that add real, monetary value to the home are important, perceived value is just as important for many. These small but vital conveniences can influence a person’s decision to put in an offer on a home or not.

Potential homebuyers may see a security system as added safety and security. Those searching for a larger home for a budding family may see the automated smoke and carbon monoxide alarms as an additional layer of safety for a child. All these can give your home an appeal not found in homes without a security system.

Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Yet another key benefit of having a security system is that many homeowners insurance policies will allow decreased rates if the policyholder has a home security system. This could be a huge benefit for someone looking to defray some of the numerous expenses associated with purchasing a home.

SafeTouch Security Adds Security and Value to Your Life

Whether you intend your house to be your forever home, or you hope to sell within the next few years, SafeTouch Security can boost your home’s safety factor and value. Contact us today for more information!