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Do You Need a Home Security System if You Have a Dog?

beware of dog sign on fence

Who’s a good girl? Who is the very best boy? It’s your dog (or dogs), of course! And while they deserve all the scritches and belly rubs they want, you probably shouldn’t give them a job as your security guard. 

Many people believe their dog would stand up for them in the event of a break-in, or would at least sound the alarm by barking and growling if a stranger tried to get inside. Because of this, many believe that a dog is an effective deterrent to keep burglars away. This might be true for some dogs; however, not every pup is going to be as reliable a burglar deterrent as you might expect. It’s more effective to trust your home security to a system designed for it.

A Dog is a Person’s Best Friend. Intruders are People.

Specially trained dogs with extensive security work do make excellent guards. Militaries and police have used dogs for both guarding and apprehending for years. Yet it takes a great deal of time and specialized knowledge to train a dog to reliably perform the duties needed to provide adequate home security.

Dogs can become fearful in the face of the unknown. When an intruder breaks in, your dog may bark a few times then scurry to hide under a bed. Should the intruder bring food, the dog may happily take it and leave the burglar to do his work. If you are not home when the break-in occurs, your dog definitely can’t pick up the phone to alert you.

However, a home security system can. A state-of-the-art security system can contact you if someone opens a door you forgot to lock (and can alert you that you forgot to lock it, and allow you to lock it remotely). It can also inform you if a window is broken, and show you, through security cameras, the scene of the break. You can safely scan your home for intruders and contact the authorities from wherever you are.

If you add home monitoring to your home security package, your security system can even act on your behalf, using advanced technology to understand what’s happening around your property. Monitoring also guarantees that you can always count on your security system: You will never lose service, even during storms and power outages.

Doggy Deterrence and Home Security

The mere presence of a large dog may convince a burglar to choose another target. It may also inspire him to come prepared to deal with the dog. The average individual knows many easy ways to handle a canine threat. Some of those ways could leave your dog hurt – or worse.

Home security systems are a proven deterrent for intruders. You can’t bribe a home security system with bacon. It requires technical knowledge to circumvent one without being caught. Your security system not only serves as an effective repellent but as a sentinel to record and report all activity on your property.

SafeTouch Security is All Bite and No Bark

Let Fluffy rest on the couch in peace, and leave the home security work to the experts. SafeTouch has home security systems to keep your home, your family, and your furry friends safe. An added bonus: our security cameras allow you to watch from your phone while you’re gone, so you can keep an eye on your canine companion no matter where you are. Contact us today to get a free quote and find the home security system that’s perfect for you and your family.