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Dogs vs. Home Security Systems

Burglars generally tend to avoid breaking into homes that have a dog, but is being a dog parent alone really enough to keep your home safe?

Threat Detection Accuracy

Your dog’s hyper-sensitive hearing and keen sense of smell gives your dog the ability to alert you immediately if an intruder has entered your yard. However, the problem is that not all intruders are burglars or other dangerous individuals. To your dog, the mailman at your door, a squirrel, or a bird in your yard could be considered cause to be on alert. If your dog is reactive to every little thing, you and your neighbors will eventually get used to the sound of your dog’s bark, and dismiss it without always investigating further.

Alerting Capability

Most burglars will avoid a home that has a security system, especially with visible surveillance cameras. However, some burglars will tempt fate anyway since it’s not uncommon for people to leave doors and windows unlocked. Your dog can act as a formidable backup in this instance, but it cannot arm your security system so that it alerts authorities. Fortunately, if your home security system has advanced and remote capabilities, you can activate it when you are away from home.

System Diasblement

Unlike a dog, security systems won’t back down if you offer it a treat, like a bone or juicy piece of meat. Experienced burglars will use food to distract and make friends with your dog and effectively thwart this line of defense for your home. Fortunately, this strategy will not work on a home security system.

It’s a scientific fact that life is better with a dog. It gives you an opportunity to be more active and have fun, plus the added bonus of infinite amounts of unconditional love. Having both a dog and a security system in your home presents a double threat to a would-be burglar. Learn more about the benefits of having a SafeTouch home security system in your home.