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Don’t Forget About The Pets!

petsafetyYou love your pets as much as any member of your family. Your pet is not just a source of joy, but is your comfort during stressful times. Pets undoubtedly help keep our stress levels in control, improve emotional and physical health, offer companionship and ward off loneliness. Pets help keep our heart healthy and are known to positively impact longevity.

There are hidden dangers in and around the house which can jeopardize the safety of your pets, especially when you are away from home. Without a doubt, pet safety is foremost on your mind and our specialists in home security systems proactively work to guard your pets from lurking dangers in their environment.

Petfalls and Lurking Dangers

There are many areas in your home, which pose potential risks to the safety of your pets.

  1. Risks of Indoor plants

  2. Dangers from electrical cords

  3. Risks of dehydration

  4. Risk of drowning

  5. Cigarette buds

  6. Fire

  7. Theft

  8. Strings and rubber bands

  9. Chemicals from cleaning products

You certainly want to go the extra mile to ensure that your pet is safe and leave no stone unturned in taking care of its safety while you are away.  It is important to know the standard operating procedures during an emergency to keep them safe.

How SafeTouch Chips in with Pet Safety

Animal lovers are so passionate about the well being of their pet that they are often willing to stretch their limits to provide them with the most comfortable and secure living surroundings. In compatibility with this emotion, SafeTouch Security System furnishes an array of provisions that help your pet remain safe with or without your presence.

Wireless Home Security

A wireless home security system is one of the most competent solutions to home security with pets of any kind. Wireless equipment eliminates the risk of your pet getting tangled or chewing on wires and hurting themselves accidentally. Another advantage comes in the guise of defense against theft. Pet doors are vulnerable spots for home break-ins by burglars. If a burglar is trying to gain entry into your house while you are way, wireless security system sets off an alarm to warn about an intruder. SafeTouch’s wireless home security system seamlessly fits into any setting and offers an answer to such issues. The installation process is quick and comes with no hassles of drilling.

Video Surveillance

You could be in office or on a vacation and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pet being compromised. At SafeTouch security systems, we have precise security systems to safeguard your pets from danger. If you are anxious leaving your pets alone while you are away, our strategically placed video cameras can track their movements and enable the peace you need to effectively contribute at your workplace or enjoy a vacation with your family. In fact, progressive line of thought at SafeTouch puts forth unique mobile access that permits you to watch video and monitor security system usage from your android and iPhone, irrespective of your location.

Motion Sensors

In your absence to track the movement of your pet from inside to outside, a sensor on the pet door chimes to give you a timely alert. In contrast to the conventional types of motion detectors, there are novel forms of pet immune motion detectors that take care to avoid false alarms triggered by the movement of your pets.

Unique Security Code

This facilitates close monitoring of any dog walker or pet sitter so that even in your absence, they do not dare to deceive you. There is a measure whereby the installation company can provide monthly reports on any specific security code.

Working Smoke Detectors

Heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are provided by SafeTouch, which can be synchronized with your security system to alert the fire department in the event of an emergency. You can also choose to receive such alerts on your cell phone or e-mail.

Other Pet Safety Tips

Emergencies come unannounced; therefore, it is a necessity to have a good home security system in place to ensure safety of family and pets. This will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

  • Pets should ideally be given an ID with your cell phone number. A microchip can be fitted under the pet’s skin to track his movements.

  • Ensure animal cages are always clean and free of droppings. Pet hygiene can improve the health of the family as well.

  • Always ensure your toilet seat is down. The risk of drowning looms large if pets tap that source for water.

  • Keep puppies and kittens in a safe secure area free from any kind of hazards before you leave your home.

Myths About Pets and Alarms

It has been commonly observed that pet owners do not attend to the security issues of their houses fearing that the pet will be a barrier in the proper functioning of the security systems. They are apprehensive of wasting their finances in the form of footing in fines triggered off by false alarms.

Another misperception many dog owners have is their pet has the physical ability to secure their premises from trespassers. However, this only makes your premises more vulnerable to criminals. When it comes to security, in today’s world a sole pet stands nowhere in comparison to the technology implemented and the extensive domain covered by the industry of security systems. The field of security systems has progressed immensely. Invest in systems that are compatible with pets as inmates so that you have your peace of mind, no matter where you go.

There are innumerable ways to care for our pets. It is imperative to keep them safe and secure. Employing the experts in home security systems for your family and pets gives you the peace while you are away from home. You can be rest assured that your precious family and four-legged family member is safe and secure. Make your home a safe haven for your furry four-legged pets by registering with us to get your pet decal completely free of cost.