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Don’t Forget Security When You Do Your Year End Planning

Business PlanBusiness owners need vision. You have to be able to look into the future, see where you want yourself and your company to be and then take the necessary course of action to get there. You can’t just look on the bright side and be blind to the potential hazards along the way that can completely derail the momentum of your progress and possibly prevent you from reaching your goals.

Understanding the mindset and motivation of who might seek to damage your company’s property or rob you is important as you organize your security checklist. Different types of threats require different security measures. For example, you should have protocol that is followed anytime an employee is dismissed by your company. This will include canceling their pass codes and notifying other employees that this person is no longer with the company. 

It is better to make a security system part of your annual budget than to deal with the loss thieves can inflict on you when you are unprepared. Use the following information to help you prepare a security checklist for your business.

Internal theft

While most break-ins are done by strangers, sometimes theft takes place from inside your facility by people you know and trust. The following can help you minimize your risk of internal theft:

  • Conduct thorough background checks on all employees.

  • Educate employees to secure their belongings at work.

  • Schedule regular audits of supplies and equipment to keep track of what you have.

  • Secure and permanently mark or engrave any equipment that could be sold easily.

  • Restrict access to areas with critical equipment or data to only essential personnel.

  • Use video surveillance to monitor inside areas and activities.


Thieves can easily identify locations that will be empty at night. As you make your security checklist, think of ways to make it tedious, strenuous, easily observable and very loud for someone to attempt a break-in of your business. While insurance may pay for replacement of stolen items, it does not cover the inconvenience of being without your vital equipment and possibly falling behind in your obligations to clients and customers.

Make security a regular part of your business

Be sure someone confirms all windows and doors are locked at the end of the day. About 30 percent of break-ins require no force.

Designate who is responsible for activating the alarm at the end of the day. It is too easy for people to assume someone else will take care of it when it is not assigned. Of the attempted robberies that were aborted, three-quarters of the time it was due to an audible alarm.

Routinely check that indoor and outdoor lights are working. Being spotted is a top concern for robbers. They will avoid highly visible entry points.

Inspecting the perimeter of your property and exterior of your building needs to be part of your security checklist. Look at your location as a robber would view it. Do this during the day and at night.

Ventilation ducts should be at least 10 feet off the ground. They should be covered in a way that makes them practically impossible to enter.

Block any entry by ground-floor windows. You can deter access with thorn bushes and other plants like cacti that will make your business less appealing to potential thieves than buildings without security.

Entry points that are hidden from view need to be well lit. These doors and windows need to withstand more than the common robber’s tools of hammers and pry bars. Make it obvious that the property is under video surveillance.

Use technology and proven systems to your advantage

As technology improves, update your security checklist. Video surveillance equipment has come a long way in recent years. Features that were once financially daunting are now easily affordable to any large or small business owner. You can use your home computer, tablet and smart phone to see what is happening inside and outside your business. Keyless entry systems can track who enters at what times. These systems are easier to update, in the event you have to dismiss an employee. They can also allow different employees into some areas of the building, but restrict them from entry into other areas.

Your employees will appreciate the added security measures that ensure their safety. If anyone is required to work after dark, transfer large amounts of cash, or be alone at the business at any time, make sure you have security procedures in place. As you complete your annual security checklist, speak to each of your employees and get their input on areas that may need your attention.

At SafeTouch, we understand the importance of taking steps to safeguard your family, home, and business. We are committed to staying ahead of the criminals by using, and innovating, the latest technology of the security industry which is why it is so important to figure a reliable security system into your budget for the upcoming year. Contact us today to discuss which option is best for you.