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Equip Your Home During Hurricane Season

Natural disasters are just that: disasters. So many things can go wrong, therefore it’s best to be prepared. With hurricane season now in full swing, it’s important to know how to prepare for severe weather and storms, and how to best equip your home with the proper security measures when facing Mother Nature. 


The Modern Home Security System Advantage

Wireless security systems are of utmost importance to people living in areas prone to hurricanes. The main reason is wireless service provides less wiring and other electronics which can be damaged or destroyed as the storm rages. It also allows remote access to change security systems, turn on/off the system, and provides real-time video of your home depending on the home security package you have.

While not a perfect solution, wireless does give better access to your home while you ride out the danger far away. However, even modern technology has its limitations. Wi-Fi can be negatively impacted during electrical storms because the high water content in the air can limit Wi-Fi strength. Plus, if the storm damages booster towers and the like, connectivity will be impossible.


The Remote Viewing Advantage

Another advantage of a modern home security system is being able to access the camera feed if the system is still operational (assuming the power and internet are not down). Remember, if a door/window is breached, winds can whip violently through a home, which could knock the security cameras out of alignment.

Barring that issue, remote viewing will give you a heads-up on the amount of damage your home has sustained. Thus, you will be able to begin planning for what needs to be done before ever leaving your safe spot, removing the guesswork. 

Remote viewing will also allow you to see any interior standing water so you can get a jump on calling repair services. Knowing what you will need means not having to wait until you are allowed to return, so you’ll be ahead of most people in the affected area.


Hurricane Realities

Even with these precautions and home security system capabilities, there are things you and SafeTouch have little control over. A large, devastating hurricane will damage infrastructure making it difficult for police to respond quickly. This will result in the following:

– Police will be busy with higher priority calls which take precedence over a domestic break-in.

– Police will have a more difficult time responding in a timely manner.

– Most emergencies overload the phone system so even calling the proper authorities may be difficult.

Therefore, it’s important to determine what to bring with you upon evacuation and what needs safeguarding.

If you do not transport certain high-value items like large flat-screen TVs or computers, consider moving them to one room and locking the door. Looters are “smash-and-grab” opportunists who usually won’t take the time to case an entire house. If they see no electronics in the living room, for example, they will assume you took them with you and move on to the next home. 


Hurricanes and Your Security Options

When a hurricane strikes, a wireless security system with remote access cameras is your best way to properly monitor your home before and after the storm. Although not completely foolproof, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done all you can to properly equip your property and valuables. 

Even in the worst of conditions, we are still here for our customers. We have a dedicated storm team on duty during hurricanes to ensure there is no lapse in service. Contact SafeTouch today for a free quote and begin taking the steps towards safeguarding your home with a top-of-the-line security system.