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Give Holiday Guests Convenient Access with the SafeTouch App

The time for holiday cheer is here! With this joyful time of year often comes family from out of town, or distant friends arriving to catch up with those they have missed all year round. Those fortunate enough to have family staying with them throughout the holidays may be in search of ways to make their guests’ trips that much more comfortable.

Holiday guests often have more than one branch of family they wish to visit while they are in town. It can be a hassle to give over spare keys to your home, then remember to collect them again when guests leave. Or perhaps you need to have neighbors bring in your mail and water your plants while you have your own seasonal adventures away from home. Keep track of who is coming and going while maintaining good home security with a SafeTouch security system and the mySafeTouch mobile app!

A Secure Home for the Holidays

Guests often have their own agenda when it comes to seasonal vacations. Perhaps they need to visit an aunt who lives one town over, or just want to take advantage of the local shopping malls to finish up some final gift acquisitions. You can’t always be there to open the door for them, and you may not want to offer spare keys.

Lost keys can be stolen, copied, and utilized to break into your home. Instead, utilize smart locks for your access points. These allow you to assign a unique and temporary code for all your guests to use. This way, you always know who is disarming your security and opening your doors to enter your home.

If this sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to be. The mySafeTouch app makes arming, disarming, and assigning access codes a breeze! If you can use a smartphone, you have all the technical knowledge you need to set up access codes for the people you host this season. Once your guests are gone, their access codes can be deactivated, securing the home once more. The mySafeTouch app allows you to do all this from a comfortable, familiar smartphone interface.

Deck the Halls with Security Systems

When you leave on vacation, you want to know your home will remain secure until you return. A Safe Touch security system, especially one with the IQ2 Panel, offers you unprecedented control over your home while you are away. See the status of your system, control your thermostat, and even turn your lights on and off to give the appearance of inhabitants, even when you are far away. Just open the mySafeTouch app on your phone and you have it all at your fingertips!

Smart locks are a terrific way to provide access to those who will watch over your home. You can set up temporary access codes to allow them inside while you are away. You also have the ability to see whose codes have been used to open your door, no matter where you are. Connect to your home’s security system through the mySafeTouch app, and interact with every connected facet of your home.

Peace on Earth, and Peace of Mind

With a SafeTouch security system, and the mySafeTouch app, you have all the versatility you could hope for to ensure a comfortable stay for guests, as well as the knowledge that, even if you are away, all is well back home. Contact us today for more information on how we can make your holidays brighter!