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Guard Your Wireless Router Against Hackers

Your wireless router makes it easy for you to connect to the internet whether you’re in your office or you’re curled up in bed trying to stream your favorite TV show on a tablet. That same router also ensure that your smartphone gets Wi-Fi access as you move around the house.

While your router may help you access the internet, it can also help would-be thieves cause you some potentially serious problems. Use this guide to learn more about how to guard your wireless router against hackers.

Use WPA2 Encryption

Many new routers automatically take advantage of WPA2 encryption, which is more secure than the old WEP type. However, it is important to check that you’re utilizing WPA2. If you aren’t, you could be making your router an easy access point for hackers. In fact, many hackers can hack a WEP network in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

If you do have an older router, updating is still possible. You generally just need a firmware upgrade before you begin. By switching to WPA2 encryption, you’ll make it a lot harder for hackers to cause you problems.


Your SSID, also known as your wireless network name, is another problematic point that hackers can use to cause you problems. While most people think that using the name their router came with is just fine, the fact is that there are tables and indexes hackers use to crack wireless encryption if they know which router you’re likely using.

So what should you do? Change your router name to something personal. You can go with a long series of numbers and letters, or you can pick something more meaningful. Write down your SSID somewhere and keep it handy until you’ve memorized which network is yours.

Get a Firewall Up

All wireless routers have a firewall, but in some cases, they’re going to be disabled. By turning your wireless router’s firewall on, you’ll get extra protection when it comes to keeping hackers out of your system.

Depending on the firewall you’re using, you can even take advantage of “stealth mode” to make your router harder to detect from outside your home. If nobody can see your router then they can’t get into it, now can they? You can also use other firewalls while you’re using the internet to enjoy even greater privacy.

Your router is an important part of your computer setup at home, and while it is a major point of entry for hackers, it’s not likely that you’re going to be able to avoid using one. Use WPA2 encryption, update your SSID to something not provided by your service provider and get your firewall going. Do all of that and follow basic computer safety protocols and you’ll be in good shape when you’re using your wireless router at home or in the office.

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