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Halloween Safety Tips

Kids with flashlightsHalloween isn’t just for kids. Every year, your entire family dresses in costumes to Trick-or-Treat your way into the fall holiday season. Whether you’re walking door-to-door under the pale moonlight or doling out wrapped candies to neighbors, your family’s safety is a top priority.

That is why it is essential for you to stay informed with these Halloween safety tips provided by SafeTouch home security systems of Jacksonville.

Trick-or-Treat Tips for the Entire Family

  • Walking is prominent during a dark night of trick-or-treat festivities. Although foot traffic is high, there will still be many drivers on the road. Make sure children’s costumes have reflective tape on them so automobile drivers can see them. Staying on your Jacksonville city and neighborhood sidewalks will also help keep your family safe from drivers this Halloween.
  • Jack-o-Lanterns are popular icons of Halloween. However cleverly designed these hallowed pumpkins may be, they can pose a threat to your family while trick-or-treating in Jacksonville. Candles are often the culprit of fire-catching jack-o-lantern accidents. Keep your children and pets away from fires by steering them clear of pumpkins with fire-lit candles inside them. If you plan to have jack-o-lanterns in your home, keep visitors safe from fire hazards by using electric tea light candles that you can purchase from your local drug store or big box retailers. Take another safety measure by ensuring that your children’s costumes are flame resistant.
  • With so many technological advances in online communication, it is important that you keep your trick-or-treat plans as private as possible. Only use word-of-mouth communication between your fellow neighbors and surrounding area families. Posting your whereabouts on Facebook or tweeting that your entire family has left the house leaves your home susceptible to wrong-doers with sticky fingers. Although it may be common to come home from trick-or-treating to several of your front yard’s trees streaming with toilet paper, no one wants to come back to their home to find it plundered.

More Safety Tips

  • Halloween is supposed to be scary but is mostly meant to keep trick-or-treating families in high spirits. While you’re focused on keeping your family entertained and safe outside your home, bandits and robbers are waiting in the wings to get inside of it. Keep your home safe while your family enjoys Halloween in Jacksonville by keeping up with your home security system. Having the nation’s number one independent provider of home security systems monitoring your property will keep you from having a scary experience this Halloween.
  • Another way to utilize home security remotely is via your smart phone. There are several applications that allow you to monitor your home while you’re out on the town, scaring your fellow neighbors and their kids. Setting up a burglar alarm home security system that links to your smart phone will prove beneficial for your Jacksonville home in the event of a break in when you’re on the go for Halloween.
  • To further secure your property, add motion sensor lighting and spotlights to your garage – a popular point of entry, aside from the traditional shattered glass window. Also, park your car or family van in the garage every day to get in the habit of keeping a safe home.

Trick-or-Treating this year will be fun provided that you are prepared to keep your family out of harm’s way this Halloween. With these helpful Halloween safety tips from Safe Touch your family will not only enjoy a night full of spooks and ghouls in the neighborhood, they will have a safe haven to come back home to.