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Home Break-In’s Gone Wrong

Home Break In Gone WrongWhile the idea of someone breaking into your home is never funny, there are times when home break-in’s gone awry can be quite amusing. Of course, the best way to ensure that you and your home are safe is to invest in home security measures that are effective. Planning ahead can deter would-be thieves and secure your home, your family and your valuables.

If you are currently without a security system, or if your system is out of date, your home is vulnerable. At SafeTouch, we offer a variety of state-of-the-art systems to suit your needs, along with full support and affordable prices.

When Break-In’s Go Wrong

Sometimes break-in’s go wrong due to stupidity on the part of the would-be thief and sometimes they go wrong because the homeowner gives them a surprise. Let’s take a look at what happens when a home invasion goes wrong.

Respect Your Elders

In the following case, a thief broke into the Indiana home of an elderly couple. The woman, who was on oxygen, was watching television with her husband. The man broke in through a window and demanded the couple give him any weapons they might have. The woman asked the intruder if he had any weapons. When he told her no, she charged him, beating him with a wooden backscratcher and a wrench. After a few moments of this, the man fled the scene.

Check Yourself

A man broke into a Northwest Baltimore home and attacked the woman living there. He then ransacked her home for money, and when he only found $11. 53 he demanded to know how she paid her bills. She replied “By check.” He then demanded that she write him one for $50, and then gave his name so she could make the check out to him. He threatened her, saying “It better not bounce, or I’ll be back.” He was caught and arrested a few hours later.

The Craigslist Caper

A man found that his rental home had been broken into, ransacked and robbed. He called the police and reported the crime, and later went on Craigslist, finding that several of the stolen items had been put up for sale. He reported his find to the police, who investigated further and not only found the stolen belongings, but also equipment used in the making of methamphetamines.

Too Smart For Their Own Good

In a frightening home invasion, four men broke into a Los Angeles home, armed with shotguns. The family had surveillance, however, and were able to call 911 immediately. When the authorities arrived, two of the men fled. The remaining two had to think fast and came up with this great idea: They asked the homeowners to tie them up and pretend that they were also victims of the robbery.

The homeowners said “sure” and tied them up. They then exited the home and told the police what happened. Instead of entering the home, the police simply waited. Eventually, the intruders got tired of waiting and left the home on their own, still pretending to be victims. The other two robbers were also apprehended.

Preventing a Break-In

As you can see, there is no shortage of stupid criminals out there. Unfortunately, there are plenty who are not quite as dumb. Home invasion is frightening, and it can happen to anyone. The best way to approach this is to be preventative. You don’t want them to get into your home, period. Intruders look for easy targets first so don’t be an easy target.

Just having a home security system isn’t always enough to deter a home invasion. However, most criminals avoid homes that have security systems. Ensuring that your system is being used properly, is up-to-date and is fitting to your home is crucial.

Always take optimal security measures. For example, be aware of:

  • Securing your windows

  • Entry points into your garage

  • Poorly lit areas around your property

  • Tall bushes and unmaintained landscape

  • Visibility into your home

High-quality security that is reliable and provides excellent customer service and response can prevent break-in’s from happening. Contact SafeTouch today to find out how we can help you keep your home and family safe.