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Home Safety and Security Tips for this Summer

A season-long summer vacation isn’t built into most people’s working lives, because most industries operate all year long. However, there is a clear shift in the energy when the summer heat and schedules hit. 

Most kids, and their teachers, are counting down the days until school is out and they can start their summer vacations. Parents and guardians, on the other hand, might have mixed feelings about it. Their day-to-day lives are about to be disrupted in a big way — especially if they work from home. Some folks will be driving their children back and forth to summer camps and activities. Others will be surviving the increased chaos (and possible childcare costs) summer has brought into their lives. 

Keep Track of Your Kids! 

Fortunately, SafeTouch has tools to help you manage your kids’ new summer routines. 

If you have teenagers who will be coming and going freely throughout the day, you should be using SafeTouch’s next-generation Edge Panel. This product has an SMP camera built-in to the panel itself and is capable of capturing disarm photos and alarm videos. You can even receive these photos directly to your phone as a text message! 

To keep track of daily visitors and deliveries, you can’t go wrong with the HD Doorbell Camera. This slender, easy-to-install, smart doorbell allows you to monitor activity at home from wherever you are — whether that’s upstairs in your home office or across town wrapping up the work day. 

With our outdoor security cameras, you can do more than discourage potential burglars and monitor any activity at night. During the day, use the mySafeTouch app to keep an eye on the kids playing in the yard without having to listen to it. It’s important to allow your kids some independence. By keeping an eye on things from wherever you are, you can still feel confident that they aren’t going to be in danger or harm themselves — or, let’s be honest, each other! 

Keep Your Kids Safe in the Sun 

As the Sunshine State lives up to its name, the dangers of sun and heat exposure become more pronounced. To make sure your family is safe and healthy this summer, here are a couple things you should do:

Push Fluids 

Staying hydrated during the hot summer months is critical. Water is always best, but providing some options with extra electrolytes can be helpful on the super hot days. Avoid drinks with excessive sugar, such as sodas and juice cocktails. Sports drinks can be diluted with water to decrease the sugar intake. 

Apply and Reapply Sunscreen

Nothing takes the fun out of summer play like tender sunburnt skin. Make sure everyone’s skin is well covered with SPF 30 or higher, and don’t forget to reapply it every few hours — especially if playing in the water.

Keep the House Safe

When your family’s summer brings flurries of activity into and through the house, it can be easy to make simple errors such as leaving lights on or doors and windows open. With a SafeTouch security system, you can prioritize keeping your house safe by monitoring with the mySafeTouch app. No matter who left the air conditioning blasting or all the lights in the house on, you can make things right with the touch of a button. 

Enjoy a Stress-Free Vacation

Picture this: You’ve been planning your vacation for weeks or months, packing for days, traveling with the whole family for way more hours than are recommended. Now, for the first time in what feels like years, you’re beginning to relax. The ocean’s soothing waves offer a calming soundtrack as you soak up the sun and enjoy being still. You hear your kids’ laughter in the distance, and you’re about to drift off to sleep when suddenly you have a thought:

“Did we close the garage door when we left the house?” 

These nagging, relaxation-interrupting thoughts are one reason it’s important to have SafeTouch Security when you’re out of town. After all, lying on the beach wondering about your home security should not count as vacation!

Our home automation and security systems can be managed via the mySafeTouch app on your smartphone or tablet. We also have a team of professionals ready to respond to abnormal activity in under a minute. The mySafeTouch app gives you peace of mind so you can fully enter vacation mode. No matter where you go for vacation, you can use the mySafeTouch app to remotely access your security system and check cameras, lock doors, monitor energy use, and more! 


Discourage Potential Burglars 

One of the risks of vacation or being away from your home for an extended period of time is that burglars may take notice. Many career criminals stake out their targets for days and weeks ahead of time. When you leave your house unoccupied, there tend to be physical clues indicating to potential burglars that it’s unoccupied. The key is to make it seem like there are people at home.

Using home automation, like lights on timers, makes the interior of your house seem active. Having your television on a timer can do this too.

The outside of the house is most likely to tip off a potential thief, as an empty driveway, an unmowed lawn, and uncollected mail are typical signs that no one is home. If possible, ask a friend or neighbor to get your mail while you’re away. If you aren’t comfortable asking an acquaintance for a favor, perhaps a neighborhood teen is looking to mow lawns to make some summer cash. If all else fails, hire a lawn service! Having someone take care of your home’s appearance while you’re out of town can save you money and headaches later — even if that means paying now. 

Leaving a car in the driveway can also act as a deterrent to burglary. But the number one deterrent? The presence of a security camera. Shop our outdoor cameras and other security products on our website today!