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Home Security: Pet Safety for All Seasons

home security pets jacksonvillePets are like family members. That is why it’s important to keep in mind all of the things that pose a potential threat to their health and safety.

To better keep your pets from harm, use SafeTouch Security Systems when you’re not home.

For everything else, please see below.


The season of spring brings a refreshing, welcome change from winter but it also is accompanied with things most people may not know are threats to their furry friends. For example, Easter lilies are toxic to dogs and cats if ingested. This includes the lily family (Oriental lilies too). Simply licking the powder or nibbling on a leaf has reportedly caused kidney failure in cats. To prevent this, you may want to consider decorating your home with plants that aren’t members of the lily family. Before you take your kids Easter egg hunting, be sure to turn on your SafeTouch Security Systems. Also, watch out for:

  • Easter grass – Cats eat this but can’t digest it so it gets bound up inside their intestines.
  • Toxic slug bait – Useful for gardens, not safe for pets. These “pet safe” garden repellents usually contain iron phosphate, but eaten in large doses can reach toxic levels in pets. Signs of intoxication include: vomiting, diarrhea, liver disease, and anemia.


The summer months bring about hazards that some pet owners don’t think about or new pet owners aren’t aware of. From fireworks to heat, there are many things a pet owner needs to keep in mind in order to keep their four-legged family member safe from harm.

  • Summer fireworks – Before you leave to view them, make sure that your SafeTouch Security Systems is active. Every dog’s reaction is different, but no dog enjoys the sound of loud booms in the air above their safe home. Some of the reactions dogs display range from mild to severe: 1) Clingy behavior: these dogs stick to their owners/guardians for support. This may be accompanied by whining. 2) Extreme reactions: This includes severe damage to themselves or their owner’s property (such as like leaping through a closed window). One way you can help ease your pet’s stress during this time is to speak to a veterinarian about a sedative. This will help calm your dog down until the festivities are over.
  • Bite wounds – These wounds vary by source but are most frequently seen from other dogs. These injuries typically require stitches and antibiotics. In order to better prevent this from happening, make sure your dog is leashed, and, if he or she shows aggression toward other dogs, do not put them in a situation where they won’t be by themselves or with a dog he or she hasn’t met before.
  • Heat – This is especially hazardous to older dogs. If a dog is outside exercising with their owner or if left in a hot car, he or she can begin to vomit or have diarrhea. Dogs have even been known to collapse and die in extreme situations. Make sure your pet has access to fresh cool drinking water and remember to take breaks in the shade. Dogs with dark coats will begin to feel the heat much more quickly than dogs with light colored coats.


While bite wounds aren’t as common, negative stress during the holidays is. The biggest concern is Thanksgiving. Most people don’t realize that the foods our dog or cat can enjoy with us might actually be a threat to them. Turkey, for example, usually contains bones. Dogs have been known to choke on the unseen bones. These slivers can become lodged in the back of the throat. Also, food that is sweet and/or fatty can cause diarrhea. Another example is chocolate. This sweet, silent potential killer contains caffeine which can cause stomach upset. It also contains a toxin known as theobromine, which causes high heart rates, high blood pressure, and, in some cases, seizures in both cats and dogs. Don’t forget to activate SafeTouch Security Systems before you leave your house to celebrate Turkey Day or enjoy any other fall festivities.


When you plan to be at a family member’s house, make sure you use SafeTouch Security Systems. While there, be sure not to give your pet chocolate treats, and don’t let them play with holiday lights (pets can chew which can cause electrical shock and burns) and tinsel (which can’t be digested so it gets bound up in both the intestines of dogs and cats).

Beware also of frostbite. Dogs love to be outside in snow, but too long and the snow can get in between their paw pads and toes. This can cause skin irritation and damage. It’s important to note not to try to cut them away. This can cause harm to your furry friend’s feet. Be sure to bring your pet inside to warm up.