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Home Security Systems of Yesteryear

Home security systems are nothing new. It started with simple keys and locks on the front door, continuing with watch dogs and vigilant neighbors. But as time moved on, greater protection was needed. And as technology progressed, home security systems were born.

The Past: Landline Home Security Systems

As effective as they were, earlier wired home security systems were pretty expensive, and, therefore, confined to those few people who could afford them. These systems also required intensive installation, numerous wires throughout the home for every access point and sensor, and a dedicated landline to access the monitoring system. And if you wanted to move, removing the system was a chore.

The Present: Wireless Home Security Systems

To address the issues presented by a wired system, the wireless technology home security system was created. Instead of needing a landline for communication and monitoring, wireless alarms and sensors communicate via a central control panel. What’s great about these systems is that they are easier to install and configure, and at a much more affordable cost too. This lets many more people feel secure when they are in their home – and also when they are not. Most wireless systems, like the SafeTouch Smart Home security system, can be monitored from mobile devices even when you’re away from home.

Options for Every Preference

No matter your age or lifestyle, there is a wireless home security system for you. Seniors will benefit from systems that are connected to emergency services in case of physical mishaps. Those who travel frequently can remotely monitor their house to make sure everything is safe and sound. Those with families enjoy the benefit of keeping an eye on children from anywhere. Did you forget to turn down the thermostat before leaving for the day? You can adjust the temperature, lock doors, or contact the monitoring service no matter where you are. Get real-time alerts about your doors, your lights and even your child’s bedroom. Inside or out, keep tabs on your home at any time, day or night.

SafeTouch to the Rescue

If you think a wireless technology home security system is right for you, contact the professionals at SafeTouch. With our years of experience and friendly service, we can ensure that your home is safe and secure no matter where you are. It’s peace of mind at the right price. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate!