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Home Security Threat: Video Baby Monitors

A baby monitor system has been proven to be more of a problem and a security threat than the ideal device it is designed for, i.e. child safety. The corded, plugged-in baby monitor system, which is no longer common has today been replaced by the new wireless model.

These wireless models pose certain security and health risks that you may want to be aware of as a parent. These devices, just like the wireless phone system, have been proven to cause continuous microwave radiation in your child’s room and are no better than the old fashioned plugged-in monitors–a trend various studies have confirmed.

You as a parent should be concerned that when you have a wireless baby monitor at less than one meter away from your baby’s crib, it is said to be roughly equivalent to the microwave radiation experienced from a cell phone tower only 150 meters away. This is scary stuff especially when many parents are unaware about the health risks associated to these devices.

Security Issues

Moreover, you may want to be informed as well that baby monitors are no safer in terms of providing your baby with the security these devices are ironically designed to provide. The operational mechanism of a baby monitor is compromised by the open and unlicensed frequencies it uses. Its monitoring system is just not well-secured and any tech savvy stranger can easily hack into a baby monitor device and signal could be picked up by another receiver of a video monitor outside your home giving a live feed on your home. Unfortunately, baby monitors are not built with any privacy concerns in mind and do not have any security features to secure your home; rather, they make your home vulnerable and pose a security threat. If you want peace of mind while enjoying the ability to watch your child from a distance, consider a burglar alarm for your Jacksonville home.

Manufacturers of these devices would go to lengths to sell their product with claims that their digital video monitors are safe, but what they would not tell you is that these devices are not secure as they are designed to be. The possibility of criminals scoping out your home by listening into your baby monitor device and scoping your home is something you should be concerned about. What you should therefore be aware of is that, even with a router that is password secure, a firewall-enabled and an IP camera that is also password secured, a savvy tech hacker can always get through these layers of security. Even though you may think your baby monitor offers a service whereby it can broadcast information to your TV, your handheld receiver or even over your Wi-Fi to your personal computer or Smartphone, that means you keep an eye on your child from almost anywhere, you should also want to be aware that unfortunately, it also means that others can, too.

That said, you really do not want to take chances with your home security by having it compromised by a baby monitoring system. For this reason and others, you will also want to consider a Jacksonville burglar alarm system, such as a SafeTouch Security System. Your life depends on a fail-safe security system. You do not want to invite a crime at your home by installing a device with proven security flaws that could be used by strangers to scope out your home, thus undermining your home security. Be careful with these devices’ security mechanism. These baby monitor devices are commonly left open to the public Internet system.

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